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META (Facebook) May Allow Islamic Terrorists To Be Glorified as Martyrs

Meta Allows Terrorists To Be Glorified While Banning Many Patiots
Meta Allows Terrorists To Be Glorifies
The Meta Oversight Board has recommended unwinding guidelines to allow users to applaud terrorists as martyrs. A Jewish group has actually revealed issue about the possible repercussions of such a decision throughout a vital time for Jewish neighborhoods, emphasizing the significance of keeping online safety measures.

By John Livingston
April 5, 2024

The oversight board of Meta has actually recommended that the company reassess its policies concerning the glorification of terrorists. If executed, the proposed change would permit users on Facebook and Instagram to utilize the term “shaheed,” which implies “martyr” in Arabic, when referring to terrorists.

The board launched its suggestion Tuesday, calling Meta’s current policy “overbroad.” Currently, Facebook and Instagram posts that describe “designated harmful individuals”– such as Hamas terrorists– as “shaheed” are removed under a Meta policy that disallows users from glorifying terrorists. Those posts would be enabled under the board’s advised policy, so long as they do not consist of other “signals of violence,” such as a picture of a weapon. […]

The move comes in the middle of a spike in online anti-Semitism in the wake of Hamas’s Oct. 7 fear attack on Israel. Anti-Semitic posts increased 28 percent in the week after the attack, according to Anti-Defamation League (ADL), while such posts increased 919 percent on X, previously Twitter. The distinction in between the two platforms recommends Facebook “imposed their hate speech policy more robustly and/or their content small amounts tools were more reliable at getting rid of violative material,” the ADL found.

For the World Jewish Congress, the Meta oversight board’s recommendation is misguided.

Meta’s stance on appreciation for terrorists, horror groups, and violent acts on its platforms need to be clear, according to Yfat Barak-Cheney, the company’s technology director. In a declaration launched on Tuesday, Barak-Cheney highlighted that it would be undesirable to downsize online safety measures at a time when Jewish neighborhoods and others worldwide are facing heightened vulnerability.

The company vowed to respond to the board’s suggestion in 60 days. Meta has “devoted to observing board rulings that apply to particular posts and users,” according to Axios.

Hamas has been applauding suicide bombers by utilizing the term “shaheed” for several years. A circumstances of this was seen in 2016 when they stated the death of “martyr Abdel Hamid Abu Srour,” a young kid who performed a suicide attack.