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Liz Cheney’s RINO Crusade Against Trump

Repudiated by her own Party and voted out of office by a 36% margin, Liz Cheney backs an anti-democratic tactic to get her designated enemy, Donald Trump, and is enthusiastically supporting his removal from the tally– no charges, trial, or conviction needed.

“I do not believe he should belong to our political procedure,” Cheney stated. “And this is a procedure that will go through the courts which we’ll see sort of how that unfolds. However there’s no question in my mind that his actions clearly made up an offense that is within the language of the 14th Amendment.”

She claimed her one-sided panel, without due process or interrogation of witnesses, presented proof that proved Donald Trump provided help and comfort to the enemy [her fellow Americans] Her panel likewise ruined the evidence.

Charges or convictions are not viewed as important by her. She has concluded that he is guilty.

Cheney revealed her belief that he should have to be found guilty by the Senate, although she does not think it is vital. She stated that his actions align with the clear interpretation and wording of the Constitution.

Cheney revealed issue that Trump’s actions on that day positioned a considerable danger to the essential principles of our democratic system. Notably, she has not voiced any criticism towards Joe Biden, in spite of his constant disregard for our private rights.

The method Democrats and media allies have elevated Dick Cheney’s daughter to the status of wise statesman is so wild, especially due to the fact that she still supports everything her father did. It’s a lot more wild to make someone who lost their seat by 36 points the sign of US Democracy.

~ Glenn Greenwald

She almost asked New Hampshire not to vote for him.

In simply over a fortnight, as individuals of New Hampshire cast their votes, the entire world will know. For that reason, I implore you, residents of New Hampshire, to represent us jointly. Show to the world that we are identified to overcome the epidemic of timidity that is engulfing the Republican Party.”

Cheney stays committed to guaranteeing that her political opponent does not return to workplace. It’s a function reversal for her, as she formerly struggled to protect her own re-election.

On Friday, Cheney expressed her decision to take the most impactful strategy in order to avoid Donald Trump from being chosen. She received applause as she mentioned her intent to assess and pick the most suitable technique in upcoming months.

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