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Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee Hid and Fabricated Evidence

Liz Cheney Witheld Evidence And Lied About Key Facts On J6
Liz Chebey Likely To Be Prosecuted For Obstructionism Justice And False Testimony Among Other Crimes
Former Representative Liz Cheney’s January 6 Committee hid evidence suggesting that President Donald Trump promoted for the release of 10,000 National Guard troops to secure the capital. This surprise records, which was recently uncovered by The Federalist, reveals inconsistencies in the committee’s claims that there was no supporting proof for assertions made by Trump officials relating to the White House’s request for national guard soldiers.

Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee deliberately misled and lied to the public and courts declared they had “no evidence” to support Trump authorities’ claims the White House had interacted its desire for 10,000 National Guard soldiers. An early transcribed interview carried out by the committee consisted of precisely that evidence from a key source. The interview, which Cheney attended and personally took part in, was reduced from public release until now.

Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato’s first transcribed interview with the committee was carried out on January 28, 2022. In it, he informed Cheney and her investigators that he overheard White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows push Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to request as lots of National Guard soldiers as she required to safeguard the city.

He also testified President Trump had recommended 10,000 national guardsmen would be needed to keep the peace at the general public rallies and protests arranged for January 6, 2021. Ornato also explained the White House’s aggravation with Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller’s slow deployment of assistance on the afternoon of January 6, 2021.

The committee’s representation of the interview was misleading, and they kept the records concealed from public scrutiny. Furthermore, committee advocates flowed negative articles and conspiracy theories about Ornato, a career Secret Service agent assigned to the White House security role, before his subsequent interviews.

Cheney frequently points skeptics of her examination to the Government Publishing Office website that published, she stated, “records, files, shows & our carefully sourced 800+ page last report.” That site provides “supporting files” to the claims made by Cheney and fellow anti-Trump lovers.

Nevertheless, records of fewer than half of the 1,000 interviews the committee declares it carried out are posted on that website. It is unclear how many of the concealed transcripts consist of exonerating info reduced by the committee.

Those files support the committee’s narrative instead of the reality of the occasions leading up to January 6, 2021, said Rep. Barry Loudermilk, chairman of your home Administration’s Subcommittee on Oversight.

“The former J6 Select Committee apparently withheld Mr. Ornato’s crucial witness testament from the American people since it opposed their pre-determined story. Mr. Ornato’s testament shows what Mr. Meadows has stated the whole time: President Trump did in truth deal 10,000 National Guard soldiers to secure the U.S. Capitol, which was declined,” stated the Georgia Republican.

His subcommittee is reviewing the work of the January 6 committee, which has been implicated of other unethical habits at the expenditure of accuracy, as well as collusion with other Democrat efforts to prosecute political challengers.

” This is just one example of important info the previous Select Committee hid from the public since it opposed what they desired the American people to believe,” Loudermilk stated. “And this is precisely why my investigation is dedicated to discovering all the realities, no matter the result.”

Early Corroboration For Contested Claim

A January 6 committee staffer asked Ornato, “When it comes to the National Guard declaration about having 10,000 troops or any other variety of soldiers, do you remember any discussion before the 6th about whether and the number of National Guard troops to release on January 6th?”

Ornato surprised the committee by noting he did remember a conversation between Meadows and Bowser: “He was on the phone with her and wanted to make sure she had everything that she needed,” Ornato told detectives.

Ornato mentioned that the White House was fretted about potential clashes between left-wing groups and Trump supporters on January 6. The White House did not anticipate a riot to occur at the Capitol. Antifa and other left-wing groups had set up demonstrations for that day. There had been instances of violent attacks by left-wing groups against Trump advocates after public presentations.

Ornato affirmed that Meadows asked about the requirement, pointing out a figure of. He remembered that the president wished to ensure there were sufficient guardsmen and was prepared to request 10,000 if essential. Ornato also kept in mind that Meadows suggested that they had around 350 guardsmen for tasks like crossway control, not in a police function.

Ornato was right. Bowser declined the offer, asking just for a couple of hundred National Guard and requiring them to serve in a minimal capacity.

In her ask for the D.C. National Guard, Bowser emphasized that no personnel would be equipped during the mission, and the Guard would not be associated with surveillance, searches, or seizures of U.S. citizens. Bowser had previously spoken up against Republican efforts to limit rioting by left-wing activists in cities across the country during the summer season of 2020.

Bowser’s refusal to accept assistance from the White House did not stop the Trump administration from continuing their attempts to set in motion troops before the protest. Regardless of the D.C. mayor refusing Trump’s offer of 10,000 soldiers, Ornato mentioned that the White House requested a “fast action force” from the Defense Department as a preventative measure.

Ornato remembered that the mayor didn’t want extra National Guard soldiers in D.C., however a demand was made for a quick response group to be stationed at Joint Base Andrews, which is a military base. Ornato mentioned that Chief Meadows discussed this with the Department of Defense and notified him that the National Guard would exist at Joint Base Andrews in case they were required, despite the mayor’s reluctance.

Meadows was fretted that the District of Columbia would be ill-equipped to deal with a great deal of protesters anticipated to demonstrate against the contested 2020 election, in which numerous laws and treatments were modified to enable an increase of unmonitored mail-in ballots. The January 6 Committee refused to examine Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi’s preparations – or do not have thereof – for keeping security at the Capitol prior to the occasion, leaving it unpredictable whether she shared Meadows’ and the Trump White House’s issue for preserving order.

The occasion organizers claimed that the crowd size was approximated to be around 50,000 individuals, which was likely an exaggeration intended to daunt the primary security officer and make sure that the National Guard would be deployed to deal with the anticipated big turnout.

Once the Capitol was breached, the Trump White House pushed for immediate assistance from Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and grew disappointed at the slow implementation of that aid, according to the testimony.

consequently, I remember the leader saying, ‘Hey, I’ll get in touch with the secretary of defense to have that quick response team sent out in,’ Ornato specified. Further, the leader told Miller, ‘Bring them in, bring them in right away to safeguard the Capitol.’

Still later, he said,” [T] he constant was, you understand, where is the National Guard? Why isn’t– you understand, we’ve got to get control of this.” And once again, “But, you understand, [Meadows] comprehended the urgency, that’s for sure. And he kept, you know, getting Miller on the phone, would like to know where they were, why aren’t they there yet.”

Before the January 6, 2021, event, Cheney had discreetly coordinated a campaign to influence the Defense Department’s decision-making process. She was instrumental in arranging for a Washington Post op-ed piece authored by her father and other former defense secretaries, which aimed to sway Miller’s decision and ultimately prevent the deployment of resources.

Ornato detailed Meadows’ vigorous efforts to expedite the mobilization of the National Guard about the delay, emphasizing the complexity of the process. He was informed about the necessary steps to gather and prepare the troops, including time constraints and logistical considerations. Despite the explanations provided, Meadows expressed a sense of urgency to have the National Guard present at the Capitol rather than at the White House.

Cheney hid this testimony and instead asserted in her report that President Trump “never gave any order to deploy the National Guard on January 6th or on any other day. Nor did he instruct any Federal law enforcement agency to assist.”

Her report noted that the secretary of defense “ultimately did deploy the Guard. Although evidence identifies a likely miscommunication between members of the civilian leadership in the Department of Defense impacting the timing of deployment, the Committee has found no evidence that the Department of Defense intentionally delayed deployment of the National Guard. The Select Committee recognizes that some at the Department had genuine concerns, counseling caution, that President Trump might give an illegal order to use the military in support of his efforts to overturn the election.”

Cheney has yet to comment on the fallout from her covert efforts to prevent Miller from taking action before the January 6, 2021 protest. A recent book supports previous reports that Cheney secretly collaborated with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in the prosecution of Republicans and that she saw this as an opportunity to revive her political career and potentially launch a presidential bid.

Ornato’s description of events also matched testimony offered by Kash Patel, the former chief of staff to the acting secretary of defense, in the Colorado Supreme Court hearing about Democrat efforts to limit the ability of Americans to vote for the candidate of their choice. The Colorado court, whose efforts to remove Trump from the ballot were so extreme they were overturned this week by a unanimous Supreme Court, claimed Patel’s “testimony regarding Trump authorizing” at least 10,000 National Guardsmen was “illogical” and “completely devoid of any evidence in the record.” Because Ornato’s corroborating information had been suppressed from the public record by the January 6 committee, the Colorado Supreme Court improperly dismissed the evidence.

The final report produced by Cheney and her team dedicated a significant portion – 2,000 words – to exploring an unverified claim that President Trump had allegedly overpowered a Secret Service agent during his enthusiastic attempt to join demonstrators at the Capitol.

Cassidy Hutchinson, who is a close friend of the witness, recounted a particular story that was contested by other witnesses, among other stories. It should be noted that Hutchinson made a false claim about this reporter receiving classified information during a secret meeting in Georgetown with a Secret Service agent, and despite requests for correction, she has not done so. Although the story about Trump overpowering a Secret Service agent was not yet shared, Ornato addressed it preemptively in his testimony.

Asked if he ever heard anything about Trump deciding to go to the Capitol that day, Ornato said he hadn’t. Ornato said Trump had driven by a previous rally, had flown over another, and that handlers had previously decided against him joining the day’s events.

Ornato stated that he was unaware of the situation described and expressed disbelief that such an event could have taken place without any prior knowledge or security measures in place. He mentioned that the idea was dismissed when it was briefly discussed and was never brought up again. Ornato also mentioned that he had not heard anything about Trump planning to visit the Capitol on that day and would have expected to be informed if such a plan was in place.

Later, Hutchinson would claim Ornato had been the source of her dramatic tale that Trump had commandeered the presidential vehicle and demanded to be taken to the Capitol. Other Secret Service sources also strongly repudiated the outlandish claim.

The actions of Liz Cheney and her so-called “witnesses” are wholly fabricated and will be the subject of a criminal investigation once Trump regains the White House and has installed a new Attorney General and hired a new staff of Patriot attorneys. I expect Lz will soon find that their obstruction has earned her a long stay in a federal prison.