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Leading Democratic Lawyer Condemns Trump’s NYC Trial

Julian Epstein, Leading Democratic Lawyer Says Case Against Trump Is Embarrassment
Julian Epstein, Leading Democratic Lawyer Says Case Against Trump Is Embarrassment
Leading Democratic Lawyer Condemns Bragg’s and Nerchan’s Trial of Trump.
By John Livingston
April 25, 2024

Democratic attorney calls out NY v. Trump trial: ‘It’s an embarrassment to the legal system.’

Democratic lawyer and former chief counsel to Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee Julian Epstein joined “Brian Kilmeade Radio” Wednesday to go over why he thinks New York City’s case against previous President Trump is “outrageous” and an “embarrassment to the legal system.”


This is an outrageous case. It’s an embarrassment to the legal system that this case is being brought. The notion, the theory that we heard on Monday from the prosecution, that this is about election interference because the 

Trump campaign

 was trying to suppress bad stories. Suppressing bad stories is not election interference. Everyone does it. Nondisclosure agreements are perfectly legal. If suppressing bad news were election interference, then what would one say about the Biden campaign in 2020 that actively used all of its resources to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop case? I mean, that had much more serious implications in terms of the election than the alleged affair with Donald Trump in 2016. You know, everything falls apart, Brian. I mean, the idea that this was election interference, the conduct, the election occurred in November of 2016. The conduct in question here, namely, the recordkeeping, and the failure to disclose this, if there was any obligation as a campaign contribution, all occurred in 2017.”

Prosecutors In New York Are Ignoring the Rule of Law.

The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has brought charges against Trump, alleging 34 instances of deliberately misrepresenting service records. To secure a guilty decision, prosecutors must persuade the jury that Trump took part in this conduct to facilitate another criminal offense.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to all 34 counts.

On Tuesday, New York district attorney Joshua Steinglass stated the other crime violated a New York law called “conspiracy to promote or prevent an election.”

District attorneys will attempt to prove that the alleged conspiracy was to conceal a conspiracy to unlawfully promote his candidateship throughout Thursday’s procedures and moving forward.