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Joe Biden Had No Right To Retain Classified Files; Possible Long Term Sale of US Secrets to China and Others

George Washington Constitutionallaw Professor Says Robert Hur'S Testimony Devastating To Biden
How Can Biden Be Too Incompetent To Stand Trial And Yet Competent To Be President Of The Usa?
Upon learning about the preliminary details emerging from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s discussions with President Joe Biden, my initial response was one of incredulity at the President’s descriptions.

Biden obviously told the Hur group throughout the interview that he had no concept how the files arrived that were all over his home, even out in the garage. He even had documents from the time he remained in the Senate through the time he was Vice President, so that included documents he had no right to have beyond a SCIF. The Senate ones are specifically troubling, and I need to know how he strolled those documents out and what security there is to stop this from occurring once again. Plus that’s far even worse than if you’re president and had a right to the documents. Biden blamed his personnel for this habits that covered years, wanting us to think that the files just showed up at his home without his knowledge, regardless of a few of them being found with his notes in them. How did the staff walk them out of a SCIF when he remained in the Senate?

Jonathan Turley, a law teacher at George Washington University, was likewise fighting with that specific concern.

Furthermore, if Biden’s reason is that he simply does not keep in mind anything now about all these actions for years, then how could anyone believe that he was up to inhabiting the greatest workplace in the land? If your memory is that bad, you should be getting help, not running for office.

Turley said this was going to “test the ability of Democratic experts” to attempt to offer Biden’s psychological sharpness after this.

For several years, people he can’t remember or recognize have actually been entering his home and leaving products behind without his understanding.

Entertaining undoubtedly! Those resourceful employees certainly understand how to get things done.

Turley then cautioned about the upcoming actions of the media and the significant level of rejection or coping systems that we were likely to witness.

It’s amusing since it’s spot on.

The big thing that stands apart here once again is the total double standard going on when it comes to how Biden was treated, getting a pass for years of this atrocious habits vs. previous President Donald Trump, who is having the hammer dropped on him for far less.

Trump, according to Turley, is covered by the Presidential Records Act which allows the POTUS to have and to declassify files at will. There is no main way Trump or any other President is needed to declassify documents. The Act allows the president to declassify at will, is not required to notify anyone, and is not required to return them to the National Archives or any other branch of federal government. POTUS under the Act has the absolute right to review, categorize, or declassify files. An US Senator, the Vice President has no such right and must comply with the act like any other citizen.