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Jack Smith Admits to Evidence Tampering

Trump  Demands Jack Smith Be Arrested For Evidence Tampering. Will Smith Flee To Cuba?
Jack Smith Likely To Be Arrested After Election For Evidence Tampering, Unlawful Prosecution,
Jack Smith has confessed to breaching the similar policy that was applied to J6 offenders.
By John Livingston
MAy 10, 2024

The Supreme Court is presently considering Fischer v. United States, in which a victim of the Department of Justice (DOJ) is challenging the DOJ’s interpretation of Section 1512( c)( 2) and its relevance to the J6. The argument presumes that this section clearly applies to a limited set of circumstances, particularly the corrupt interference with proof in an official examination, as stated in the statute’s title, “Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant.” Each part of the statute unambiguously resolves attempts to obstruct or manipulate evidence in a case that is likely to result in a criminal prosecution.

The group, headed by Special Counsel Jack Smith, has admitted that essential proof in the event related to previous President Donald Trump’s private products was changed or compromised after the FBI acquired it. Additionally, Smith’s group has confessed to misleading the court for some time.

In a court filing that became public on Friday, Smith’s team discreetly admitted that the order of documents in some boxes taken from Mar-A-Lago had been changed or blended. As a result, there were 2 different timelines produced: one based on digitally scanned files and the other on the real contents of packages.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is making use of Section 1512( c)( 2) as an essential tool in their efforts to prosecute individuals who were near the Capitol on January 6, 2021. According to the DOJ, this area makes it unlawful to “corruptly … block, influence, or hamper any official case …” and carries charges of fines and/or imprisonment, potentially as much as 20 years. The DOJ alleges that specific people exercised their right to free speech and entered Capitol premises unintentionally after masked agitators removed signs and fencing and Capitol cops opened the building’s doors.

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith has just confessed that he and other DOJ and FBI minions manipulated documentary evidence underlying the Mar-a-Lago case versus Donald Trump. Everyone from Judge Aileen Cannon on down realizes this is bad.

 Still, I wonder how many individuals have seen that Smith has actually confessed to doing what the J6 defendants are implicated in and have been found guilty of doing: Violating 18 U.S.C. § 1512( c)( 2 ). The statutory charges versus the J6 accused are a specious abuse of the law, but they completely fit Smith’s admitted conduct.

Packages in question have been in the custody of licensed individuals because of their seizure and have been accessible to appropriate workers for various legitimate purposes, consisting of compliance with court orders referring to the ongoing civil proceedings and examinations and allowing the accused’s examination of the contents.

Nevertheless, the Department of Justice applied rigorous measures to apprehend routine Americans based upon subsection (c)( 2) of the law, which referrals the term “official case.” This area mentions that anybody who corruptly blocks, influences, or hinders any main case, or attempts to do so, might deal with a fine or an optimum jail sentence of 20 years Despite the DOJ’s emphasis on subsection (2 ), they are neglecting subsection (1 ):

Jack, bear in mind that everyone is subject to the law, including yourself as you’ve explained in the past. It is likely that you will be charged next year and deal with a prolonged jail sentence. Perhaps it would be a good idea to think about leaving to Havana where you can seek haven with your like-minded buddies. Otherwise, you may end up in a high-security prison for an extended duration

( c) Whoever corruptly–.
( 1) modifies, damages, mutilates, or hides a record, file, or other item, or attempts to do so, with the intent to impair the item’s integrity or schedule for use in a main proceeding …
Does that remind you of anything? It certainly does me.
It reminds me of Smith’s admission to Judge Aileen Cannon about his and his minions’ handling of the files seized from Mar-a-Lago, files that then functioned as the basis for his decision to indict Donald Trump. (Ignore, for now, the truth that Trump, as president of the United States, had plenary power to do as he would with national security info, unrestricted either by previous Executive Orders, administrative policies, or legislation. However back to Smith’s admission:.
District attorneys admitted in a court filing on Friday that “there are some boxes where the order of products within that box is not the like in the associated scans.” The prosecutors had formerly told the court that the files were “in their original, undamaged kind as taken.”.
As any litigator knows, maintaining documents in the order in which they’re seized or produced is immensely important. That’s since order itself offers crucial info about the chronology of occasions or a person’s intent or innocence. It’s likewise of specific concern in this case because these documents were obviously packed by the General Services Administration, which then told Trump to choose them up.
In addition, it’s now beyond question that the DOJ doctored the crime scene images it advertised to the world to “prove” that Donald Trump had actually allegedly breached national security laws. (See my disclaimer above about Trump’s resistance from such a claim.).
Therefore, we have 2 known circumstances in which the DOJ modified records, files, and items. Moreover, the staged Mar-a-Lago image suggests that this was done to harm President Trump. That highly indicates both corruption and intention, 2 elements of a criminal reason for action.
When/if Trump goes back to the White House, he needs to have his DOJ investigate the lead-up to how Smith and his minions changed and manipulated those documents. And expect there’s sensible proof that they did so corruptly and purposefully. Because case, they must be prosecuted to the full extent of the real laws, as written (rather than the Democrats’ “make it up as we go along” version of “law”).
Our country can not endure with a partisan DOJ that wants to break the nation’s laws to ruin its viewed political opponents.