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Vogel’s 2017 report set out how Indivisible’s leaders would that year be meeting with top Democrat donors like billionaire George Soros to look for funding for their actions. Previously that year, video emerged thanks to Need to Know Network– a GOP-aligned news aggregation service linked to the Republican opposition research firm America Rising– showing Levin and his Indivisible co-founder Leah Greenberg meeting with top Democrat donors at a Democracy Alliance spring fundraising event.


Interestingly, in addition to being Indivisible co-founders, Levin and Greenberg likewise take place to be married to one another. A 2017 piece from the Jewish Telegraph Agency that profiled how their group had emerged “at the leading edge of ‘withstanding the Trump agenda,'” likewise explains how Greenberg and Levin are husband and wife and are both former congressional staffers to top Democrats.

According to a February 2017 post from the Jewish Telegraph Agency, the Indivisible guide to grassroots advocacy has actually been accessed or seen more than 1.7 million times and has motivated over 5,000 regional groups (with an extra 2,000 groups awaiting verification) to take action on numerous concerns such as safeguarding the Affordable Care Act, supporting public schools, and challenging the migration policies of the administration. The short article highlights the critical function played by a young Jewish couple, Greenberg and her husband, Ezra Levin, who are both former congressional staffers and co-founders of Indivisible along with three pals and former associates.

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Following the Republicans’ criticism of Indivisible in a March 2017 video, Levin responded in Politico, rejecting any financial connections between Indivisible and George Soros or his Open Society Foundation.

“There is not only a slight amount of anti-Semitic innuendo involved in casting George Soros as the bogeyman,” Levin said, arguing that Republicans were trying to blame someone for failing to repeal Obamacare that day, which they had.

But by later that year and in subsequent years, Soros was fully engaged through multiple entities in funding Indivisible. Soros’s own Open Society Foundations website shows that in 2017 the Tides Advocacy provided $350,000 to Indivisible. In subsequent years, the money came directly from Open Society to Indivisible and increased in dollar amount. In 2018, Soros’s group gave half a million dollars to Indivisible, which increased to $1.75 million in 2019. In 2021, Open Society gave Indivisible two grants totaling $875,000, and in 2022 Soros’s group gave Indivisible another $1.135 million.

Soros also provided lots of cash to Indivisible’s political arm, per Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports. In July 2020, Soros’s Democracy PAC donated $500,000 to Indivisible Action– the PAC aligned with Indivisible’s nonprofit arm.

During President Biden’s tenure, following Donald Trump’s first term as President, Indivisible has become even more assertive in its efforts to gain influence within the Democratic Party. As the 2022 midterm elections approach, Indivisible managed to secure a video message from Hillary Clinton, the unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, endorsing their “Crush the Coup” campaign. This campaign aims to support specific candidates that Indivisible is advocating for in crucial legislative races across the nation.

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“In the face of this significant threat to democracy, there is also reason for optimism. Indivisible has initiated the ‘Crush the Coup’ campaign to ensure that we are prepared to protect democracy in 2024. They have identified critical races in six key states and provided ways for you to get involved. By supporting ‘Crush the Coup’ through donations to Indivisible and state legislature candidates, you can help determine the outcome of these highly competitive races, which could ultimately decide the winner of the next presidential election. This is a crucial and time-sensitive matter.”

Many of those candidates won in 2022. Levin issued a press release right after the 2022 election celebrating their victories, framing these candidates’ wins as a way to block a “coup” by Trump in the 2024 election.

“Following the events of 2020, Republicans revealed their plan to manipulate the 2024 election: gain control of crucial state legislatures, rely on a conservative-majority Supreme Court to support their efforts, and utilize this power to ensure a Trump victory in 2024,” Levin stated. “Last night, we significantly limited their ability to carry out this plan.”

Invisible, a radical leftist group, has seized control of the Democratic Party and is now driving the agenda as the 2024 election season ramps up, according to Bowman’s statement to Breitbart News. Through their relentless efforts, Indivisible has effectively staged a coup within the Democracy Alliance, gaining control of the reins and setting the pace for the party’s future.

In 2017, Indivsible emerged victorious over the Democracy Alliance, thanks to financial support from the Tides Foundation, prominent Democratic donors like Reid Hoffman, and numerous grassroots contributions. Comprising Indivisible Civics (a 501c( 3 )), Indivisible Project (a 501c( 4 )), and Indivisible Action PAC, the organization boasts 6,000 chapters nationwide and has adopted the Tea Party’s structure and tactics. By transforming the disorganized Democracy Alliance into a streamlined and powerful network, Indivisible enabled its member organizations to focus on their specific areas of expertise, such as climate change and gun control, while maintaining a strong connection to the broader network and its grassroots activists. Funding is provided by various liberal programs through charitable organizations and membership-based funding groups, with Invisible serving as both a network manager and a grassroots organization structure for its member groups.