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In South Carolina, Trump Crushed Haley in Her Home State

In South Carolina, Trump emerges victorious against Haley, strengthening his path to the election and setting the stage for a November showdown with Biden. According to exit polls, Trump’s hardline position on immigration stayed a key issue for voters in the Palmetto State.

Former President Donald Trump humiliated Nikki Haley in her home state Saturday night, scoring a convincing win in the South Carolina GOP main that allowed him to focus full-time on a fall rematch with Joe Biden.

By John Livingston
February 25, 2024

After securing a 3rd successive Republican governmental election, the 45th president expressed his appreciation to his party for their assistance however stressed that he would not become contented following his fifth main success of 2024.

Following a short period of festivity, it’s time to refocus on the tasks at hand, as there’s much work to be done, Trump stressed in his victory speech.

Trump defeated Haley with 62% of the vote to her 38%. However, it’s estimated that at least 40% of her votes were Democrats crossing over to support her, and with these votes subtracted Trump’s margin of victory would be more than 80%. 

Major media outlets, including The Associated Press and television networks, declared Trump the victor quickly after the surveys closed at 7 p.m. ET, based upon their forecasts.

Exit surveys suggested turnout favored a big win for the 45th president as 45% of voters recognized Trump’s signature problem of migration as their top concern, according to Fox News.

The Associated Press reported that around 60% of citizens protested supplying more help for the war in Ukraine, while CNN stated that 40% of the voters recognized themselves as advocates of the MAGA movement.

In both of his previous presidential projects, Trump has emerged victorious in South Carolina. The existing surveys show him maintaining a substantial lead, with an advantage of over 25 points. According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump enjoys the support of 61.8% of the voters in South Carolina, while Haley trails behind with 36.5%. On a national level, Trump’s lead is even more substantial, with an average of 57.9% support.

Haley reaffirmed her commitment to continue her campaign even if she lost her home state, where she previously held the position of guv. She reiterated this promise throughout an event with her supporters on Saturday night following Trump’s success announcement.

“I’m a lady of my word. I’m not quiting this fight when a majority of Americans disapprove of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” she said.

Experts think that Haley’s defeat in the state she formerly led would have a serious influence on her potential customers for future political undertakings.

Robert Cahaly, the lead pollster at Trafalgar, stated in a current interview with Just the News that losing the state where one lives is a significant element of political failure.

Trump and his advisors are banking on Haley being up to irrelevancy with a crushing defeat in her home state, setting the stage for them to focus their full-time attention on Biden and the fall election.

The 45th president started making the pivot recently, dropping his list of candidates for his vice presidential candidate, outlining to make changes atop the Republican National Committee and investing more time assaulting the current president. He was anticipated to expand those attacks Saturday afternoon ahead of the primary with his keynote address at the CPAC convention in suburban Washington D.C.

In a previous address to the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), President Trump slammed Joe Biden, suggesting that his viewed ineptness presents a considerable danger to democratic values.

Friday night, he provided a cutting yet amusing impersonation of Biden having a hard time leaving a phase after giving speeches, which got a considerable quantity of laughter from a gathering of black conservatives in South Carolina.

Trump headed into South Carolina with a 4-0 main record and 63 delegates compared to Haley’s 17. He was expected to pick up all 50 of the Palmetto State’s delegates with a win, marching closer to the 1215 GOP delegates he would require to secure his 3rd straight Republican nomination.