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ICC a Key Member of the Criminal Syndicate

 Icc Is An Organ Of The International Criminal Conspiracy Against Israel
Icc Intends To Issue Warrants For Arrest Of Israeli Officials
By John Livingston
April 29, 2024

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is preparing arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials for supposed war crimes, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This revelation has drawn silence, if not approval, from the Biden administration.

Sources from within the Department of State have confirmed to I Speak for Trump that the Biden Administration has not only been silent on this issue but has privately encouraged the issuance of the warrants as necessary to convince the Israelis to stand down from their plan to invade Rafah and destroy the last redoubt of HAMAS. 

Sources informed The New York Times the charges come from Israel preventing delivery of humanitarian aid– which Israeli officials have said they fear simply winds up in the hands of Hamas terrorists in the middle of the war started by Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attacks.

Netanyahu is on the list of Israeli government officials to be issued ICC arrest warrants.

Israel has dealt with around the world rebuke from anti-Zionists, if not antisemites, for its three stated goals of the war on Hamas instigated by the Oct. 7 attacks: 1. Return all hostages held by Hamas terrorists for use as human shields; 2. Destroy the Hamas terrorist group; and 3. Demilitarize and de-radicalize Gaza.

” Each of these war goals, they’re not mutually excludable;, they go hand in hand,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokeswoman Tal Heinrich told Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.”

Israel’s work to accomplish step 1 has been restrained by around-the-world pressure, including demonstrations supporting the terrorist routine of Gaza and lukewarm support from the Biden administration.

The report that the ICC will be providing arrest warrants for Israeli government officials for simply protecting their Jewish state against terrorist genocide has been met with silence from the Biden administration. President Joe Biden has openly declared to support the Jewish state’s right to exist in the face of terrorist opposition that chants “from the river to the sea.” Still, reports have outed Biden for privately kowtowing to progressive, anti-Zionist pressure since he does not side with Netanyahu’s conservative political views.

The report of the ICC arrest warrants comes as Israel believes the last Hamas terrorist cells are holed up in the Rafah border neighborhood, and Israel is preparing a military incursion to deliver a previous deadly blow to the terrorists.

Hamas has stayed unfaltering in its refusal to return all the captives– a move Israel has known is a leveraging ploy by Hamas to guarantee its terrorist presence. Israel has said Hamas wants to go out the clock on worldwide assistance for Israel to stay an active terrorist threat to the Jewish state, and the ICC and the Biden administration appear ready to require.

Neither the ICC nor Israeli government officials reacted to the Times’ seeking of comment on the report of arrest warrants being prepared.

Netanyahu, long knowing the Hamas terrorist plan to run out the clock in support of Israel’s war on terrorists, said Friday that ICC intervention “would set a harmful precedent that threatens the soldiers and authorities of all democracies fighting savage terrorism and wanton aggressiveness.”

” Under my leadership, Israel will never accept any attempt by the ICC to weaken its inherent right of self-defense,” Netanyahu continued Friday. “The threat to take the soldiers and officials of the Middle East’s only democracy and the world’s only Jewish state is outrageous. We will not bow to it.”

There has been no Biden administration support for Israel versus the ICC support for terrorism in the Middle East.

The ICC arrest warrants would be put on its 124 member countries, including most of Europe, however not Israel and the United States. There is no ICC police to perform the warrants, however the general public message alone would continue to rile antisemitic protests that have raged worldwide and boiled over in the free-speech country of the U.S.

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