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How Trump Will Make America Great Again

Preparing For A Maga Takeover Of The Us Federal Goverbment
Trump Is Preparing Now For A Total Takeover Of The Us Government
Will Donald Trump’s second term in office be a repeat of his past mistakes, or has he gleaned valuable lessons since his departure in 2021? For insight into this question, we can look to two enlightening books: The Plum Book and Mandate for Leadership 2025. These texts may hold the secret to a successful transition for the new Trump administration.

“Plum Book” is a nickname for a publication from the Government Printing Office based on the fact that it has a plum-colored cover. The official title is United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions.

It’s a 232-page directory of about 8,000 jobs in the U.S. government with an emphasis on the executive branch (controlled by the president) and independent agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It’s literally page after page of job listings by title, department and pay grade.

The Plum Book stands out as a valuable resource for presidential transition teams due to its focus on positions that can be filled through political appointments, rather than being subject to a competitive hiring process.

These are the jobs where the president can just pick the person he wants and install that person in a key policy position without going through normal civil service channels. Some of the positions may be subject to Senate confirmation, but that usually poses no difficulty, especially if the new president’s party also controls the Senate.

The Plum Book is like a secret guide to understanding the deep state and putting your own people in place to control it.

Top positions need to be filled in even the most lesser such as directors, deputies and executive assistants. This illustrates the extensive reach of the deep state. When Biden advocates for a comprehensive government approach to climate change or DEI, the Plum Book indicates that around 8,000 individuals will be involved.

The president’s executive office has a larger scope than just a few key assistants in the West Wing like the president’s counsel, chief of staff, and some special assistants. According to the Plum Book, there are 83 distinct positions listed (excluding clerks, interns, and executive assistants).

These jobs support the president only and do not come close to covering the entire executive branch. Among these positions are “special assistant to the president and assistant communications director for strategic messaging,” and “special assistant to the president and deputy director of White House information technology.” As you can see, even the assistants and deputies have assistants and deputies.

So if Trump wins the election, the Plum Book will be an important tool to put the right people in place.

Still, the Plum Book is only the beginning of a successful transition. It tells us what positions need to be filled but does not offer a guide to policy. The selection of individuals for appointments needs to be guided by a set of policies that can act as a filter for choosing the right individuals.

Who is doing the hard work of outlining policy initiatives for hundreds of agencies, commissions and offices that comprise the executive branch and ultimately the deep state? It’s fine to win an election and use the Plum Book to fill key positions with competent loyalists, but what policies will they actually implement?

Thankfully, Trump has benefitted from the efforts of the Heritage Foundation. Among the numerous think tanks and policy centers in Washington, D.C., the Heritage Foundation stands out in 2024 for spearheading the compilation and dissemination of policy papers on a wide range of important topics.

Their work is called Mandate for Leadership 2025. I call it the Trump playbook. It’s available online at the Heritage Foundation website. It’s 887-pages long and every page is filled with technical discussion.

The material is conservative in nature without being driven by strict ideologies. It presents a well-rounded view with differing viewpoints. For instance, the trade section features articles like “The Case for Fair Trade” by Peter Navarro and “The Case for Free Trade” by Kent Lassman. It is probable that an effective policy would incorporate elements from both perspectives, taking into account factors such as the trading partner, reciprocity, and the effect on American employment.

The Heritage Foundation playbook Mandate for Leadership, combined with the Plum Book and Trump’s apparent willingness to learn from his past mistakes when it comes to appointments completes the Trifecta needed for success in a second Trump administration to destroy the deep state. Investors should hope that Trump stays on that path and listens to the hundreds of experts and institutions that are working hard to make that success a reality.

The difference for investors between another Biden administration and the return of Trump to the White House could not be more stark. The Biden administration has been characterized by excessive regulation, pointless mandates as part of the Green New Scam, open borders bringing crime, drugs and cartel influence into the United States, disastrous wars in Ukraine, Gaza and now the closing of the Red Sea-Suez Canal passage, increased segregation of Blacks in colleges, the destruction of 50 years of progress in women’s sports by allowing competition by men and a long list of other ruinous policies.

The initial term of President Trump’s administration was marked by various policies and initiatives, including tax reductions for both businesses and individuals, deregulation, a lack of new military conflicts, diplomatic outreach to nuclear-armed nations such as Russia and North Korea, protective tariffs on Chinese trade, a focus on repatriating manufacturing jobs, calls for NATO member countries to contribute their fair share to collective defense, and efforts to strengthen security measures along the US-Mexico border.

Trump made a significant impact on the Supreme Court by appointing three justices, which has become a beacon of hope for upholding the Constitution and the rule of law. However, it’s unlikely that a second Biden term would bring any positive changes, and instead, his declining health and mental capacity may lead to a potential acting presidency for Kamala Harris, who has a questionable track record.

There’s good reason to believe that a second Trump administration will offer the growth-oriented policies of the first administration with a much more effective decision-making apparatus resulting from attention to the Plum Book, the playbook and the transition process.

A better transition process in a second term means the biggest threat to the deep state in decades. And a new team will put us on the road back to sanity. But powerful people won’t go quietly. A more experienced Trump will conduct a second war to destroy them. Unless they destroy him first.