Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable!


How The Crime Family Shuts Down Media That Exposes Their Crimes…

When a government starts trying to get rid of media outlets that speak out against it, it could be a warning sign that it is moving towards fascism.

It’s a tale as old as time. Authoritarians frequently fear that their citizenry might revolt versus their overbearing rule, so they fanatically work to suppress the general public’s ability to learn about what their rulers are doing. And there’s no much better way to do that than by squashing the totally free press.

The modern Democratic Party is aware of this reality, and its members are using techniques reminiscent of authoritarianism by attempting to silence a tv network that has been critical of them. Despite the fact that such actions are unlawful, they are pressing forward with their efforts.

Dan Ball, a news anchor at One America News, just recently appeared on The Tucker Carlson Encounter to shed light on the extensive efforts by Congressional Democrats to silence conservative perspectives. To see the segment, just click the image offered below.
” [The attempts by Congressional Democrats to silence One America News] represent a clear attack on the principles of freedom of speech and freedom of journalism.”