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Higher Ground Labs: Plan to Steal November Election Revealed

  • Massive Election Fraud Organized By Leftist Front Higher Ground Labs
    Massive Election Fraud Organized By Leftist Front Higher Ground Labs
    There is a battle over United States Elections Today. It’s the Left’s Election Industrial Complex versus reasonable and transparent United States elections.

    By John Livingston
    May 5, 2024

    As conservatives take part in discussions about the ideal time to cast their ballots, the Election Industrial Complex continues to secretly control different entities involved in the electoral procedure. The Complex’s operations are detailed in a report issued by Higher Ground Labs, titled the 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report, which can be discovered at the end of this article.

    This file begins with an introduction and summary of the results of the 2022 election utilizing the left’s bastardization of the word “democracy” and projection of their communist actions upon those who want fair and transparent elections (focus added):

    Citizen suppression and 2020 election deniers provided difficulties in 2022, with active efforts to attack vote-by-mail, close polling places, bug nonpartisan election administrators, and spread misinformation in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and beyond. Innovation is playing an increasingly crucial role in supporting collaborated reactions to attacks on democracy, from refining message advancement to boosting on-the-ground organizing to informing and securing citizens.

    The file failed to address the corruption in the Arizona election procedures of 2022, where many voters were denied their voting rights, yet it described the election as a validation of the Biden Administration’s priorities and a rebuke of extreme right-wing views.

    An evaluation of Higher Ground Labs website reveals the management group to consist of many far-left stars, including:

    Derek Parham, who formerly worked as the Deputy Chief Technology Officer for the Hillary for America project, is signed up with by Deval Patrick, the former Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Podhorzer, the Political Director of AFL-CIO, and Julius Genachowski, the previous Chairman of the FCC and present Managing Director at Carlyle.

    Genachowski, who served as FCC Chairman throughout Obama’s first term, has ties to Higher Ground Labs, recommending that this initiative may have started during the Obama administration but Higher Ground Labs states that it actually began after Obama’s term concluded.

    Given that 2017, Higher Ground Labs has actually constructed an enduring platform for technological experimentation and model. We have invested in lots of businesses, many of which have become essential parts of political tech for the Left. In 2020 alone, our business reached 7,500 elections and 70 million citizens.

    It is possible that this effort was initially funded by public funds throughout the Obama administration, and later moved to a non-profit organization following the year 2016.

    Higher Ground Labs declares its objective is as follows:

    Higher Ground Labs is a start-up accelerator and endeavor fund. We support startups building innovation that assists left being activists to win. elections

    Higher Ground Labs has released its report for 2022, detailing how it was able to influence elections to stop the anticipated “red wave.”  The far-left Democrats (communists) were able to minimize the Republican majority in the House and keep control of the Senate.  Its involvement and relationships within the election industry. The report highlights numerous efforts, connections, and engagements with other stakeholders to support the electoral successes of left-leaning and progressive Democratic candidates.

    This landscape includes “non-profits” and openly traded companies, which prevent the public from obtaining information about activities that could be obtained from the federal government in FOIA demands.

    The Election Industrial Complex resembles a military project. Mike Benz just recently went over on Tucker the presence of military-like control in the United States currently, which goes against democratic principles. The Election Industrial Complex appears to follow a similar pattern.

    The Election Industrial Complex is thoroughly planned and strategized. It shows connections between non-profit organizations and left-wing controlled or influenced corporations. It leverages legal systems, financial resources, and power as tools in a setting of political conflict.

    Malicious people exploit funds to control others, as cash can immediately sway actions, whereas building trust needs time and effort.

    Money is used to incentivize. “Trust problems” in a grassroots environment are reduced through the use of money and financing. This landscape runs like a corporation that can be added to and erased at any time at will. Successful ventures earn money, but not successful endeavors are removed. But the cash required to keep it running does not seem an issue.

    The central component of the landscape, illustrated in the diagram above, is the Data Analytics and Modeling framework. This framework functions as the foundation and driving force behind the entire landscape, offering the essential tools and processes to evaluate and translate data, and produce significant designs that help organizations make informed decisions.

    The entire landscape appears to focus on real-time sophisticated communications which is why the Data Analytics and Modeling framework is so important. Comparable to military operations, precise updated information is the key. This also can be the landscape’s Achilles heel. It’s difficult to get current info in intricate companies.

    In the military, operation fusion centers are the center of information management. With good details, a fusion center can tell you where to focus and where to make command choices. Genuine info in a military operation is useful while inauthentic info can result in your death.

    In the fog of war, if you can present an environment that is believable then you can leverage it to win.

    The Data Analytics and Modeling structure notes a number of entities, but it omits those that have been recognized considering the 2020 Election. ERIC, Dominion, BPro, KNOWiNK, CIS, and other entities are omitted.

    Like a military operation, the placement of the leader is concealed at all times. Crucial elements in this framework, like the entities pointed out above are not recognized in the framework due to the fact that they are so crucial. Information Analytics and Modeling counts on these entities for updated info originating from these crucial entities.

    The political terrain incorporates various parts and associated entities that aim to affect Democratic electoral triumphs. This includes the media landscape, partially managed by Democratic interests and functions platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. These social network platforms are often described as “Owned Media.”

    The Left is primarily troubled by the fact that social network platforms permitted discussions about the 2020 Election being stolen without any reference to the vast Censorship Industrial Complex or the abundance of proof that suggests the election should not have been accredited.

    The concept of fact appears to have lost its significance. Trust is not an issue. The driving force behind the operation is cash, and any messages that don’t line up with the interests of the Election Complex Industry are met with censorship, thanks to the Censorship Industrial Complex.

    ActBlue, Stripe, and Bonterra belong to the fundraising scene. Here is some information about ActBlue within this landscape.

    Once again, ActBlue helped funnel billions of dollars to Democratic projects and causes throughout the 2022 cycle. The platform processed and remitted  $3.5 billion to 27,305 campaigns and companies. These contributions came from 7.4 million distinct donors who, in tandem, made 86 million specific contributions; their typical donation size was $40.05. Compared to the 2018 midterm cycle, the overall number of contributions and dollars raised doubled, showing both the development of the Party’s little dollar donor base and the sense of urgency felt across this cycle to act in action to extraordinary difficulties to our long-held flexibilities.

    This file leaves out proof that shows that millions in these “donations” are originating from “donor mules,” with many of these people out of work and uninformed that their names are being used to launder money to the Democrat Party. Naturally, this kind of info is omitted from this landscape due to the fact that it is criminal.

    Other frameworks within the Election Industrial Complex are also gone over in the document below, which refers to the 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report from Higher Ground Labs.

    HGL 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report_033023 (Clean) by Joe Ho on Scribd

    As the Republican Party ponders on the format of their ballot process, extreme left-wing groups are actively developing novel methods and efforts within their Political Industrial Complex to protect a Democratic success in the 2024 governmental election.

    The legacy media outlets are refusing to excuse these brazen attempts to incite immense discontent, which is intended to disrupt the upcoming November Election. We rely on alert individuals like you to bring attention to such corruption. We implore you to join our ranks as a free member of I Speak for Trump and use our resources to share this information with your network of contacts, good friends, and anyone else who may gain from it. Together, we can clarify this problem and produce a brighter future.

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