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How We Were Deceived, Swindled, Murdered By Big Pharma and Our Government

Harvard Medical Professor Gired By Harvard And Pfizer For Telling The Truth About Covid-19 Vaccinations
Harvard Professor Fired For Telling The Truth About Lockdowns, Masks And Vaccinations
One Story Among Many of how Big Pharma and the Institutional Rot Have KIlled Millions

This week is the fourth anniversary of the very start of the left’s planned efforts to frighten and intimidate the majority of the world’s population with an infection. Among the outcomes of that horrible time is that truth-tellers were shamed, intimidated, fired, and canceled. It is continuous. However, the truth has a method of crawling out of the dark. This is the story of Martin Kulldorff, a former professor of medication at Harvard University. Please read his whole piece and share this with others.
I am no longer a teacher of medication at Harvard. The Harvard motto is Veritas, Latin for reality. But, as I discovered, the truth can get you fired. This is my story– a story of a Harvard biostatistician and infectious-disease epidemiologist, holding on to the truth as the world lost its method during the Covid pandemic.

Harvard revealed on March 10, 2020, with no federal government prompting, that it would transition to online knowing and suspend in-person classes. Following Harvard’s decision, universities, schools, and state and federal governments across the country also made comparable modifications.

Schools closed in many other countries, too, but under heavy international criticism, Sweden kept its schools and daycares open for its 1.8 million kids, ages one to 15. Why? While anyone can get contaminated, we have understood considering early 2020 that more than a thousandfold difference in Covid death threat between the young and the old. Kids dealt with small risk from Covid, and disrupting their education would downside them for life, especially those whose families might not pay for private schools, pod schools, tutors, or to homeschool.

Throughout the spring of 2020, Sweden experienced a distinct set of outcomes. While schools remained open, the nation saw no Covid-19-related deaths among kids and teenagers aged one to 15, and teachers had a mortality rate equivalent to that of other professions. This remained in contrast to numerous other Western nations, which carried out school closures and lockdowns as a precautionary measure. Sweden’s approach, led by a forward-thinking prime minister who was previously a welder, resulted in the most affordable excess death rate among significant European countries throughout the pandemic, and less than half that of the United States. In addition, Sweden’s general COVID-19 death toll was lower than average, and the nation avoided the negative effects of lockdowns on death.

However, a short article was released on July 29, 2020, in the New England Journal of Medicine, which is affiliated with Harvard, by 2 teachers from Harvard discussing the reopening of primary schools. Remarkably, the post did not address Sweden at all. This omission can be likened to conducting a research study on a new medication without consisting of a placebo control group. Such oversight does not lead to a trustworthy pursuit of the fact.

I teamed up with Gupta and Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University to craft the Great Barrington Declaration. Our declaration supporters targeted security based on age instead of implementing widespread lockdown procedures. We supplied comprehensive suggestions on how to secure the senior population more effectively while enabling younger people to maintain a lifestyle closer to normalcy.

The Great Barrington Declaration marked a turning point in the discussion around COVID-19 policies. The document, signed by three popular contagious disease specialists from top universities, highlighted the absence of scientific agreement behind prevalent school closures and other restrictive measures. In action, critics heightened their attacks, turning to personal attacks and slander. Francis Collins, an effective figure in the medical research study community, identified the signatories as “fringe epidemiologists” and called for a collective effort to discredit them. Some Harvard affiliates answered the call, adding to a campaign of character assassination.

Though powerful scientists, political leaders, and the media strongly knocked it, the Great Barrington Declaration collected practically a million signatures, including 10s of thousands from scientists and healthcare experts. We were less alone than we had believed.

A society’s lack of gratitude for reality and commitment to its pursuit can posture a threat to the survival of science. In such a cultural environment, the clinical neighborhood may witness a decrease in public backing and eventual degeneration. The journey toward uncovering facts requires academic liberty, fostering a climate of open, enthusiastic, and respectful scientific discussions while condemning any kind of libel, intimidation, or censorship. I remain enthusiastic that Harvard will eventually reinstate its devotion to academic freedom and autonomy.