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Hatred of Trump Is Rooted In Contempt For Ordinary Voters

Trump'S Battle Is Our Battle. Stand With Trump Like Your Life Depends On It.
Trump Stands For All Americans. Stand With Trump Like Your Life Depends On It.
By John Livingston
April 23, 2024

Trump is our proxy.
Everything thrown at Trump is tossed at us.
If they can destroy Trump, what shot does any of us have?
‘ E pluribus Trump’=”Out of many, Trump”

“Far from the bully, Trump is the champ of those who have been bullied relentlessly and mercilessly by a self-appointed elite who holds them in contempt.

Trump advocates know and understand that the woke, commie Leftists who are desperate to destroy him hold them in even greater contempt. Their purpose is to show us that by embarrassing, bankrupting, sending to prison, and even eliminating Trump, they will do the same to them in a far more vicious and violent way.

The idea that Putin and Russia, Xi and Iran present a menace is pervasive throughout the media. However, it has ended up being increasingly evident that a more substantial and credible threat creeps in the shadows, an organized crime syndicate camouflaged as the UNi-Party, consisting of corrupt, radical leftists consumed by a relentless desire to eradicate our society and transform our nation into a dystopian realm governed by their woke communist ideologies. Their actions, driven by a pressing hunger for power and control, are orchestrated to weaken our structures and worth, threatening to unleash a gush of scars upon our society. 

There are many examples of their horrendous threat. Still, it is best summarized by simply pointing out that their depredations are measured by a National Dept increasing at an incredible rate of ONE TRILLION DOLLARS every 90 days. Now at nearly 35 Trillion, the debt will have increased to nearly 40 Trillion by the time, God willing, Trump assumes the Presidency on January 20, 2025. If not, it will hit 60 Trillion by the end of Biden’s Second term. A grocery list that added up to $100 on January 20, 2021, will be an estimated $350 by January 20, 2029.


“Far from the bully, Trump is the champ of those who have been relentlessly and mercilessly bullied by a self-appointed elite who holds them in contempt. In Trump, they have discovered a modern-day George Bailey.

President Trump has been the target of limitless false allegations, destructive examinations, and prosecution attempts for nothing since he ran for the workplace.

The attempt to set up Trump by KIllery was treason, and treason was the reason for that attempt.

The 2020 election was treason. It was likewise an effort to destroy every thing that President Trump had accomplished.

Claims emerged that J6 was a fabrication developed to implicate President Trump in a coup effort wrongly.

The Democrats murdered JFK, so why wouldn’t they murder Biden before the next election to make another false allegation? Think of how that could be exploited.

Those vicious leftists/socialists, along with their pals of the Red/Green alliance, have now come after Donald Trump with all their hate-filled malice; it’s only a matter of time before they will later come after all Conservative, patriotic Americans.

It appears that such a situation has currently emerged, as evidenced by the detention facility preserved by President Joe Biden, where individuals considered to be political prisoners have been held since January 6, 2021, under the watchful eye of what some have dubbed “Big Brother Biden.”