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HAMAS Supporters infiltrate the Biden Administration..

Biden Administration Infiltrated By Hamas Supporters
Biden Administration Infiltrated By Jihadists And Hamas
HAMAS Supporters infiltrate the Obiden Junta
By John Livingston
May 13, 2024
The Biden administration has dealt with substantial criticism for its perceived lackluster assistance for Israel, which many informed observers consider as insufficient. This criticism comes from issues that President Biden’s decision-making may have been affected by hazards from Muslim leaders who cautioned that he would not get Muslim votes in the upcoming election unless he turned his back on Israel. There is internal pressure within the administration as people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Israel beliefs have been offered positions of power, which is contributing to the strain on support for Israel.
 in October 2000 at the University of California Berkeley, SJP was created by Hatem Bazian, who is recognized by the Berkeley Center for Race and Gender as a “Continuing Lecturer, Chair and Founder, CRG’s Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project.” Bazian has promoted an intifada, a violent uprising, not just in Israel but in the United States, likewise specifying that fans of Israel must be faced.

“Occupied Turtle Island” describes North America. Turtle Island is a name for the continent drawn from Native American folklore, and of course, it is “occupied” today by the wicked white oppressors who are, in SJP’s view, likewise responsible for the supposed profession and injustice of the Palestinian area. As ridiculous as this language is, in light of the reality that no one aside from woke millennial Leftists, not even Native Americans themselves, refers to North America as “Turtle Island,” the National SJP website uses the term consistently and without paradox. It invites visitors to the website to “find out more about current success in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement on campuses throughout Turtle Island, and beyond!”

The pressures inside and outside the Biden regime ultimately originate from the same source. Middle East Eye reported in Oct. 2020 that Biden launched a video message to Muslim Advocates, the group that was responsible in 2011 for the Obama administration’s removal of all mention of Islam and jihad from counterterror training. Biden pledged: “My administration will appear like America, Muslim Americans serving at every level.” Middle East Eye also noted that “while Muslims represent a little minority of the American electorate, their neighborhoods are focused in crucial swing states that Trump won by a small margin in 2016, including Michigan.”

Considering the prevalent harassment occurring on college campuses and the considerable impact held by previous SJP member Maher Bitar in the current Biden administration, it is not unexpected that the administration has been seen as betraying Israel. 

During college, Bihar led the Students for Justice in Palestine (S. Following October 7th, SJP has actually turned into one of the most engaged and singing pro-Hamas organizations on college schools throughout the nation. AlthoughJP lacks a nationwide structure, it does have a website describing its goals and aims. The nationwide SJP site expresses its support for more than two hundred Palestine uniformity groups throughout occupied Turtle Island and aims to build a trainee motion that is united, organized, and ready to work towards Palestinian freedom.

Biden regime apparatchiks have actually hearkened that threat; some were only too delighted to do so. Among the Muslims operating inside the routine, in satisfaction of Old Joe’s pledge to Muslim Advocates, has been Maher Bitar, who was just designated Biden’s special counsel. That consultation remains in addition to his present duties as director of intelligence and defense programs at the National Security Council.

The immediate need to resolve this conflict before it intensifies into a full-blown conflict is evident. One proposed service is for President Trump to issue an executive order declaring Islam a nationwide security risk rather than a protected First Amendment. This order would require cult followers and members to either renounce their affiliation or leave the country within a defined timeframe. Non-compliance would lead to penalties, deportation, and the closure of mosques and related organizations in the United States.