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Haley Looking Like A Woke, Commie, Progressive Sleeper Cell

Previous U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker blasts Nikki Haley’s choice to stay in the race for the Republican governmental nomination.

IS Nicki Haley A Sleeper Cell Within the Republican Party?
By John Livingston
February 21, 2024

Whitaker expressed his views while participating in an episode of “Newsline” instantly after Haley talked.

He expressed his belief that the speech was rather exceptional. He kept in mind that it seemed like a bait and switch method. It appeared that she aimed to draw attention by noting the reasons that she thinks she will end up being the candidate, despite the fact that she will not.

“You understand, let’s admit that she’s going to lose South Carolina. She’s going to lose Michigan. She’s going to lose almost every state. Most likely all the states on Super Tuesday and within about 2 or three weeks after that, Donald Trump will clinch the number of delegates necessary to be the candidate. And so, this is a little bit of a kamikaze effort on her part, and I think a great deal of Republicans require to begin asking themselves is Nikki Haley really a Republican or is she a sleeper cell that’s hidden within their celebration?

This circumstance resembles viewing an auto accident happen in slow motion. We can expect her to keep stopping working to meet expectations, which will make her a hassle-free target for the Democrats to criticize Donald Trump within his own political party.

Haley’s current situation is precarious, with this being her last opportunity to show herself.

In her address, Haley asserted that specific Republicans openly back Trump however privately harbor reservations about his management.

However, Whitaker stated: “I’m talking with common, everyday hard-working Americans. And you know they’re all behind Donald Trump. They desire Donald Trump because they know he fights for them and what they believe in.”