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Georgia Agrees There Was Fraud in 2020 Elction

Three Years After the Election Goering Secretary of State Agrees There was Election Fraud in Fulton County.
By John Livingston
May 8, 2024
Sends Notice to County “urging” It to Improve.Does Nothing About the Fraud!

This is how the crime family operates, and you can be certain that Brad Raffensburger is part of the crime family, and that Governor Kemp is complicit. When caught they punt, shrug their shoulder and say, too bad!

Georgia’s secretary of state’s office has completed an examination into the 2020 governmental election recount in Fulton County and discovered that inappropriate procedures were used in the 2020 election. 
During a state elections board meeting on Tuesday, officials revealed that the investigation revealed thousands of missing ballot images and duplicate tally images, recommending some ballots might have been scanned multiple times. Despite these findings, the general result of the election, which resulted in Joe Biden’s success, will not be altered. An examination was started after a complaint was submitted on July 8, 2022, declaring the inappropriate counting of 17,852 ballots.

In the lack of digital evidence, such as SHA files, for a great deal of votes, it can be challenging to confirm their credibility.

It’s irregular to declare that the paper tallies work as evidence and after that fail to show them for others to take a look at.

The state elections board has taken action in action to the issues raised, issuing a letter of reprimand to the county and designating a monitor to guarantee the integrity of the upcoming presidential election in 2024. Jessica Corbitt, agent for Fulton County, maintains that no proof of scams has actually been discovered and emphasizes the county’s commitment to boosting its election processes and infrastructure.

 On The Other Hand, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis brought charges against Donald Trump and 17 others in August 2023, declaring an unlawful attempt to overturn Georgia’s election. The defendants are disputing Willis’s involvement in the event. 
“Let’s analyze the paper ballots,” a voice recommends.

Secretary of State office: “No.”