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Gangs offering bogus Green Cards, and SS cards to illegals

Massive Fraud As Illegals Provided With Funds To Obtain Fake Id, Voter Cards
Fake Ids Will Enable Illegals To Vote In 2024.Massive Fraud Planned
Organized criminal gangs offering bogus permits, and SS cards to illegal immigrants in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, St Louis, Las Vegas, and just about any other area where illegals gather together.

In multiple instances, law enforcement has discovered voter identification cards during arrests.

The organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party will have no problem producing the votes necessary to keep Biden in the White House and protecting Obama’s Fourth Term as the President, although the last 2 as the “Puppet Master.”

It is approximated that there are approximately 50 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States, with around 10 million entering the nation throughout the past 3 years of the present administration. Lots of political experts think that the president’s re-election prospects are not likely due to his unpopularity. Nevertheless, it is expected that he will still secure victory in the upcoming election, allegedly due to the manipulation of vote tallies by an effective criminal company masquerading as a political party. This group has actually supposedly intimidated or persuaded police and the judiciary into inaction, enabling them to carry out their schemes uncontrolled.

Our country’s change into an apparently lawless nation overrun by criminal gangs need to no longer come as a shock, with Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and their administration being the driving forces behind this alarming pattern.

A brand-new issue has occurred in our country, particularly in New York City. According to the New York Post, criminal groups such as MS-13 are offering counterfeit green cards and social security cards to undocumented immigrants in Queens by offering them on the streets.

According to the Post, they saw at least 10 people in broad daylight at 4 various street corners offering phony documents for $80 to $250, which can be used to open bank accounts, get a task, or perhaps acquire driver’s licenses.

According to a former police officer, making use of phony identification is not just unlawful, however it can also signify more ominous intentions.

According to Bruce Fourcart, a previous unique representative in charge at the Department of Homeland Security, someone who gets such recognition “might load a truck up with bombs … and bring it below the Holland Tunnel and dog crate something significant and disastrous.”

“For somebody that wishes to do terrorist activity or is a national security danger, it’s easy to develop this 2nd life within the United States.

“I ensure today, we’re simply waiting on another 9/11,” Fourcart said.

Post’s observations of observed occurrences

5 men wearing hoods were outside a regional pastry shop, whispering “social, social” to those passing by while talking to Spanish-speaking customers near a massage parlor. In one case, a Post reporter was offered “beautiful long-term residency and social security cards for $80.” The seller assured the cards “work,” telling the individual, “I require your name, your whole name, your age … I can take your photo.”
Some group members got in a stairwell beneath a business with customers close behind. One observer said, “Cash handoffs and document pickups take place behind a glass door.”
One phony ID pusher sitting outside an insurance office was selling phony permits for $180 and phony social security cards for $70. He admitted “many individuals” acquired the phony documents but would not say the number of had been offered.
One reporter was brought into a stairwell below a barber shop and was asked to enter his name, age, and native land into a phone. While the original cost of the phony documents was $200 for a green card and a social security card, the cost was worked out to $80, although the Post said they did not buy the cards.
Finally, another fake document peddler was recorded sitting on a chair under elevated railroad tracks, according to video footage acquired by an Instagram account.
The Post reported that those offering bogus identification cards on Roosevelt Ave. are members of the 18th Street gang, in addition to MS-13, both Los Angeles-originated gangs who focus on violence and drug dealing– and now, offering fake IDs.

According to Fourcart’s statement to the Post, multinational entities running the ID mills also help with the smuggling of undocumented immigrants, effectively providing an extensive service for those seeking to enter the country unlawfully.

According to the Post, Roosevelt Ave is called the “center of phony IDs on the East Coast.” In addition, the location is understood for prostitution, which was just recently exposed by the Post. YouTube videos refer to that area as “Market of Sweethearts.”.

Homeowners of the borough are dissatisfied about the new “company” that has moved into their area.

“If they’re doing social security number [s] and no one states shit, next time it’ll be weapons and passports,” said one clerk at a district grocery store located on Roosevelt.

“Everyone can do what they want now.”

Around 180,000 unauthorized immigrants have gone into New York since the spring of 2022, satisfying the need for counterfeit identification cards.

“People from other boroughs are coming specifically to this area to get the IDs; all the brand-new migrants are coming here,” one regional homeowner stated.

According to Roy Fenoff, associate professor at the Department of Criminal Justice at the Citadel, acquiring fake identification is important for illegals to make the most of the variety of government services offered.

Fenoff described that having fake cards allows individuals to take part in work, travel, and gain access to various services in the United States. Some individuals obtain these cards for purposes beyond employment and take part in criminal activities. Furthermore, possessing phony IDs enables people to vote several times, particularly during the early ballot period that can last approximately 3 to 4 weeks in specific areas. This postures a danger to the integrity of elections, as each unlawful vote negates a legitimate one. The situation is further complicated by the prospective involvement of the mob groups posing as the Democratic party, manipulating the political landscape to their advantage. The occasions surrounding January 6th, the allegations versus President Trump and his supporters, and the targeting of legal representatives who raise concerns about citizen scams all appear to serve the agenda of these criminal elements.

He also kept in mind that while the social security cards themselves are phony, the real numbers are precise, which might have a harmful effect on United States citizens.

When someone uses another person’s social security number to commit crimes, it can lead to wrongful allegations and arrests for the innocent victim. This was highlighted in a case in Denver where a female’s identity was stolen and utilized for criminal activities, resulting in warrants being released for her arrest.

There is also the problem of avoiding the development of a rap sheet under their real name.

“If they’ve never ever been fingerprinted in the past, under their phony name, they can get jailed 5, 6, seven, 8 times … and they would never ever have a record,” stated John Cutter, retired NYPD deputy chief of served in the Intelligence Division.

“They become invisible figures with making use of counterfeit identification, that makes them feel more bold and open to participating in prohibited activities, possibly leading them to devote serious offenses,” he included.

The implicated individual’s sibling, Diego Ibarra, is said to have used a fake permit to protect a task at the University of Georgia. In addition, he has connections to a violent gang from Venezuela.

It’s essential to note that the term “illegal alien” is frequently viewed as a pejorative and dehumanizing term. It’s chosen to use terms such as “undocumented immigrant” or “unapproved migrant” when describing people who are living in a country without correct documents.

In the state of New York, creating a phony ID is thought about a severe criminal offense, classified as a felony, and can lead to a jail sentence of as much as 7 years. Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping in mind that DA Alvin Bragg has a history of being lenient with culprits, even those who have actually devoted violent criminal activities, and frequently releases them with very little prison time.

The Post reached out to New York’s Finest, the NYPD, to discover how they are dealing with the sale of phony IDs in Queens.

“The NYPD will continue to resolve conditions … on Roosevelt Avenue,” a representative informed the outlet.