Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable!


Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable

A great deal of triggered leftists nowadays state dumb things like “The First Amendment is not a suicide pact,” as they institute their school speech codes. Like hell it’s not, in fact the First Amendment is a suicide vest. If you attempt and remove it, you’re going to get exploded. Because without it, the rest of the American experiment is up to nothing. To protect free speech, you need to know what it is and what it is not. The Ivy League is obviously completely devoid of management that can determine that difference.

Whatever one thinks about Israel or Palestine, and the more one understands, the more one sees gray, don’t believe there is any analysis going on in the twentysomething set. What we are all facing is a swarm of the dumbest people to raise their fists given that Mao’s Red Guards. The genuine warning to follow is that the know-nothings are being primed for action, the American cultural revolution is here. But this is the same deployed irrationality we saw with the BLM/ George Floyd riots.

The facts are the interruption. No quantity of misdirection must make you take your eye off this ball. What we are experiencing is reactionary shows in action. The enemy of my opponent is my friend. The real concern is who programs the mob? Make no mistake, this dingbat army is being primed for the Biden/Harris/ Newsom project. Speak Loudly This situation we face is not complicated. Whether it’s Nazis in Skokie, Palestinians in Dearborn or bitchy feminists in Peoria, our right to free speech is not negotiable. The left has actually been pressing censorship of their challengers for a long period of time, it’s a core value for them. Specific calls for genocide are certainly incorrect, however characterizing all dissent as such is a dangerous assault on free speech. Now, we have Republican simpletons wishing to make criticism of Israel illegal on this unreasonable facility. This toxic rubbish needs to be called out for the hysteria it is. And we need to do it before the Democrats and Republicans unify to take out the First Amendment. If you wish to take sides against the boogeyman they are pointing to, you have currently taken the bait. Intricacy draws and we require to be complimentary to discuss it, if you can’t deal with that, the kid’s table is over there. Wan na popsicle?

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