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First Day of Trump’s Non-Criminal Acts Trial

Trump And Mob Hitman Alan Bragg Face Off In New York In Courtroom Of Made Man Hudge Merchan
Trump And Mob Hitman Alan Bragg Face Off In New York In Courtroom Of Made Man Hudge Merchan
Trump May Be Convicted of Non-Criminal Acts By A Rigged Prosecution, Jury and Court
By John Livingston
April 16, 2024

During the first day of Donald J. Trump’s Manhattan lawfare trial, Elon Musk tweeted, “The case is a corruption of the law. Lawfare.”

For your information Mr, Musk, there is no law in NYV+C. It is dominated by the organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party, and the only law is that which benefits their rule. 

The unequal application of the law is unpleasant, as it appears that Joe and Hunter Biden are not held to the same standards. Neither are any of the organized crime bosses and soldiers. They do what they are told, or they are sent to the mob graveyard.

At the start of the produced felony case in Manhattan, corrupt Judge Juan Merchan, who is filled with conflicts of interest and is a well-recognized “made man” in the Democratic Party mafia,  told Donald Trump today that he is not enabled to speak or disrupt the procedures and is ordered to show up for court every day. If he doesn’t show up, he will be put behind bars.

Alvin Bragg, the district attorney, is viewed as inefficient and is believed to only have his position due to financial support from George Soros.

He’ll be tied up with the trial for six to eight weeks, convening 4 days a week, which means he’ll regrettably miss his child’s graduation ceremony. It appears that the judge won’t grant him a day off to go to the memorable event.

Today was the beginning of jury choice.

The treatment of a former president, the GOP candidate, is disgusting. The left is lashing out at everyone on his side, not just him.

Michael Cohen, a convicted perjured liar found guilty, is the primary witness in a nondisclosure agreement finance case that dates back 20 years. The case is considered a minor offense, but Alvin Bragg has selected to elevate it to a more major felony charge.

 Bragg is framing it as a local Manhattan issue despite it being a federal matter. With 34 charges submitted, it appears that the intention is to secure a conviction from a potentially discriminative Manhattan jury.

If they can deal with a past president this way, they can just as quickly treat you the same way. This scenario does not have legality.

Additional Injustices

The prosecution’s case against Donald Trump seems insufficient, as they now look to penalize him for his tweets. To make matters worse, he’s not even allowed to protect himself in any manner. Here at I Speak for Trump, we give our hundreds of subscribers the tools to speak on Trump’s behalf.

The prosecution filed a motion on Monday to punish Trump for his social network posts, which they declared went against his gag order. They requested a $1,000 fine for the three alleged breaches. Judge Merchan mentioned that he would consider the arguments on Tuesday, April 23, at 9:30 a.m.