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FBI Orchestrated Jan 6 Riots ‘to Entrap MAGA Americans,’ Explains Congress’ Homeland Security Chief.

.Rep. Clay Higgins, Chairman Of House Committee On Homelabd Security Says Fbi Orchestrated J6 Riots To Entrap Maga Americans
Fbi Orchestrated J6 Riots
By John Buchard
April 6, 2024

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA), who heads the Homeland Security Committee’s border subcommittee, alleges that FBI representatives engaged in entrapment of the U.S. Capitol rioters on January 6, 2021. Throughout a look on the Implicit Bias podcast, the four-term Louisiana Republican specified that he arrived at this conclusion after conducting his own probe into the event.

Higgins claimed that the protestors were motivated to participate in He recommended that once your home of Representatives launches the security video footage from that day, the federal prosecution of the January 6 will collapse.

“The entire thing was a wicked agenda to allure MAGA Americans,” the Congressman stated. He included: “The initial seeds of riotous or unlawful or occupation behavior among these groups were planted by the FBI-embedded agents in those groups.”While there has been no conclusive evidence that the FBI initiated the January 6 riot, several police officials have actually admitted that federal representatives were among the crowd on that day.

According to Tucker Carlson, previous Capitol Hill Police Chief Steven Sund disclosed in an interview that wasn’t publicly aired, that there were numerous police workers present in the crowd on January 6. Sund further exposed that the FBI had actually released at least 18 undercover agents among the rioters in the days following the disturbance.

In the spring of the previous year, a whistleblower from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) exposed to your home Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government that the FBI had picked not to launch additional closed-circuit tv (CCTV) video of the riot due to issues about revealing the existence of “undercover” agents who were present in the crowd. Numerous months later, in January 2022, FBI Executive Assistant Director Jill Sanborn declined to dismiss the possibility of the FBI’s involvement in the violence that occurred on January 6.