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Elon Musk Joins Patriots Who Expose the Greatest Corruption in American Politics: The Census

Millions Of Illegals Arfe Being Counted In Census. Democrats May Hold Up To 50 House Seats As A Redult.
Huge Illegal Scam Boosting Democratic Seats In The House.

“Representatives and direct Taxes will be apportioned among the numerous States which may be consisted of within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which will be determined by contributing to the entire Number of totally free Persons, consisting of those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and leaving out Indians not taxed, three-fifths of all other Persons.”– United States Constitution, Article I, Section II

Elon Musk’s assertion that the addition of undocumented immigrants in the census is the most considerable corruption of American democracy in the 21st century triggered us to evaluate the Constitution. As a self-proclaimed champ of the First Amendment, Musk’s comments raise questions about his stance on Article I, Section II of the Constitution.

That’s where the parchment sets up the census, or what the Framers called an “enumeration.” The very first one was set for “within 3 Years” of the very first sitting of the Congress, and then every ten years. It’s as essential to the workings of the republic as it gets. When it comes to who gets counted, no distinction is drawn between citizens and immigrants– even if the phrase “other individuals” glosses over slavery. However, there is a difference between immigrants in the US legally and the estimated more than 40 million who are not here legally. We are referring to those who have illegally entered the USA and have NO status other than being subject to arrest and deportation.  

Mr. Musk’s comments were available in response to an X poll that asked respondents whether they were “aware that the census counts ALL people, including illegal immigrants, for deciding the number of House seats each state gets.” The survey found 51 percent answering in the negative, 49 percent answering in the affirmative. The survey conductor, “The Rabbit Hole,” reckons, “I’m sure lots of Americans will be surprised to learn how our census works.”

Count Mr. Musk among those amazed. Yet from the very first “enumeration” in 1790, the point was “to count every person living in the freshly created United States,” the Census Bureau states. Even so, whether to count non-citizens along with everyone else is hardly a unique concern. Conservatives in Congress were so dismayed by the number of immigrants in the 1920 census that they postponed your house reapportionment up until 1929.

In the 1920s, representatives from states with lower immigration rates, such as Kansas and Tennessee, attempted to leave out non-citizens from the census count. However, throughout the preparing of the Constitution, the Framers replaced the phrase “totally free people and residents” with the more comprehensive term “individuals” in the area developing the apportionment of the House, as kept in mind by the Congressional Research Service. This modification was made without any recorded conversation or debate.

Not so for what emerged as the three-fifths compromise, which sought to bridge the North-South divide over slavery. Southern states desired their slaves to count as entire individuals in the census to improve their Congressional representation– even though enslaved individuals do not have voting rights. Northern states didn’t wish to count servants at all. The compromise papered over an issue that could have avoided the development of America in the first place.

In 54 Federalist, Madison explains as how your home would be allocated based upon the “aggregate variety of residents,” keeping in mind that taxes would be calculated the same way, providing states less reward to “overemphasize” their population. The 14th change, too, used the word “individuals” in lieu of “citizens” when it revamped reapportionment after the Civil War and the end of slavery. That was to soothe states with many resident immigrants.

An amendment would be required to disallow the census from counting non-citizens, CRS concludes. Yet there’s no constitutional factor to disallow the census from inquiring about Americans’ citizenship status. This was a point of contention when President Trump attempted to bring back that concern for the 2020 census. That ran afoul of the Supreme Court, in a 5 to 4 ruling on, mainly, Mr. Trump’s failure to validate the change.

Which brings us back to Mr. Musk and current disputes over the census. Republicans want to put a citizenship concern back in the “enumeration,” and Democrats are zealous to keep it out. Even if the census were to tot up non-citizens, however, it would not modify the states’ delegations in your home. Nice to see a brand-new American like Mr. Musk pitch in on this. Yet the part of the press is to write about the Constitution as it is, not as one wishes.
Americans just do not understand the enormity positioned by the crowds of illegals that have resided in the USA. It is one of the principal reasons for our decline in living requirements, healthcare, and education, costing the US household approximately $20,000 a year. Please pass this post along to everyone you know. It impacts everyone every day of our life
Currently, it is approximated there are 50 million illegals in the United States. Divide this by 700,000 and you have more than 71 seats that can be credited to illegals. If only United States citizens were counted for the apportionment of House seats there may be a shift of as much as 90 seats. I think that this would put the genuine representatives of the American people securely in control of our nation. Unlawful immigration is a national emergency. We have been gotten into. Trump should declare martial law, suspend habeas corpus, put behind bars those who block his deportation program, He must also deputize at least a countless his supporters to help in the round up and deportation of nearly 50 million illegals and their children. It will be a massive effort.

Illegals should never be counted in the census. Let me explain this in simple terms for all to comprehend. If a household of five sees the United States during the census period and they are from, say, the UK, then would they be counted? I think not. They are NOT citizens of the US.They are citizens or residents of the UK. They are not prohibited as they have a visa that permits them to stay in the USA for approximately 90 days depending on the kind of visa. Now, if someone sneaks throughout the Southern or Northern border or leaps ship and is not a resident, however unlawful, he is neither a resident nor is he an immigrant. He remains in the very same status as the UK family except he has no visa and is subject to instant arrest and deportation. On that basis, he should NOT be counted as a resident by the census. The founding fathers and it is clear that anyone local in the USA would be counted. An illegal person is not a homeowner. He is merely a visitor without any status and is subject to immediate arrest and deportation. This has nothing to do with servants who were certainly homeowners as they or their forebears were deliberately given this country, offered as goods, and not permitted to return to their homelands. That Is not the case with a prohibited. Because of that, I believe that Patriot Administration can refuse to permit them to be counted in the census.