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Edging Towards WW3 and Nuclear Holocaust: F-16s to Ukraine

Sending F-16S To Ukraine Brings Ww3 Closer
Nato Risks Nuclear War By Sending F-16S To Ukraine
Monitoring for World War III: US and NATO authorize Ukraine to use F-16 airplane for offensive operations in Russia
According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Ukraine is entitled to use its weapons from Western sources to protect itself versus Russia, even if this involves assaulting places within Russia.

“This is Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, which is a blatant offense of global law,” Stoltenberg told Radio Liberty throughout an interview on Tuesday.

Ukraine is lawfully permitted to protect itself under international law right to target genuine military websites belonging to Russia outside of Ukraine. This is within the bounds of global law, granting Ukraine the authority to take such actions in self-defense.

On Thursday, a NATO agent informed the Financial Times that St showed Kyiv deserved to safeguard itself by targeting Russian military websites beyond Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine not to use the nations to attack Russia, this could result in a worsening of the conflict. At first, these warnings made allies such as the United States reluctant to supply Kyiv with long-range weapons efficient in reaching Russia, but NATO allies have now decided to provide Ukraine with such weapons.

It’s not the first time. Ukraine used the United States Patriot air defense system to shoot down a Russian military transportation plane while it remained in Russian territory last month. The plane was transporting 80 Ukrainian POWs to an exchange point when it and its crew were destroyed by a missile supplied Ukraine by the US. 

Putin stated last month that Russian investigators found that a U.S.-made Patriot air defense system was used to shoot down an Ilyushin II-76 military transport aircraft while it was in Russian territory. Washington has offered Kyiv numerous of surface-to-air systems and additional weapons for the weapons.

F16s need about 10k feet SOFT Airstrip for complete Loadout/Fuel … Ukraine HAD 3 strips that length however all have been bombed … they are all Rugged Soviet Concrete. Low F16 Air Intake requires a CLEAN strip without any FOD.

Throughout the 2011 joint exercises in between the Washington National Guard and Ukraine, the landing equipment of the airplane was discovered to be delicate. The brakes and tires needed frequent replacement, and the F16s had to utilize their emergency tail hook along with a soft arrest system for landing purposes.

A provider of Catapult & Landing cables will damage an F16. When the F16 was in service … it was SOP if an F16 discovered itself in trouble near a Carrier-They would reject landing and pilot Eject or Ditch-Would, not Risk damage to the carrier.

The F16 was 1/2 the Price of a F15 … Congress pressed the Navy to accept the F16 but it was too delicate & single engine … A Carrier model was made but was never ever effective

The Honeywell Gas Turbine Engine that powers the Abrams Tank was originally developed by Chrysler in 196 to market it as a helicopter engine in the 1970s, the engine showed to be appropriate for use in tanks. Check out the Tucker/McGregor interview, and keep in mind that McGregor would not have accomplished his position without following the rules.

However McGregor has some very valid points … Pressure is on to use a Tactical Nuke on Russian Forces in Ukraine … McGregor stated if a single one is used, it will activate an all out Launch by Russia because they understand if they don’t, their Nukes be targeted if not used …