Freedom of Speech is Non-Negotiable!


Dominion Lied! Their voting machines can be easily manipulated.

On Friday, in a Federal Court in Atlanta, Georgia, Professor J. Alex Halderman had the ability to HACK AN ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE to alter the election results.

Halderman finished the task within a few minutes.

And, it was done on the record, freely in the courtroom, and right in front of U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg!


Teacher Halderman stated:

“Back in September 2020, the Court approved … Plaintiffs access to one of Georgia’s touchscreen tally marking gadgets (BMDs) so that they could assess its security … I thoroughly checked the maker, and we found vulnerabilities in nearly every part of the system that is exposed to possible assaulters.

We have identified an extremely substantial problem which involves a vulnerability that permits the execution of arbitrary code. This vulnerability can be taken advantage of in order to disperse malware from the main election management system (EMS) of a county to every BMD within its jurisdiction.

This makes it possible to assault the BMDs at scale, over a wide area, without needing physical access to any of them.

Our report explains how aggressors might exploit the defects we discovered to change votes or potentially even affect election results in Georgia, consisting of how they could defeat the technical and procedural defenses the state has in place.”

The recent advancement in the court case has the potential to alter the result of the 2020 Presidential Election by modifying the numbers and establishing a landmark precedent that could cause the discontinuation of electronic voting machines across the country.

As we approach the 2024 election, our country faces a critical moment in its history. I Speak for Trump is dedicated to giving voice to the countless people who want to reveal their assistance for President Trump and bring attention to the supposed corruption within the Democratic Party. By developing blog sites and websites, we aim to offer a platform for people to share their concerns about the viewed fraud that has enabled the Democratic Party to gain control of our federal government and, among other crimes,  misappropriate large quantities of resources.

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