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DOJ, FBI Thugs Seeking to Arrest Informant Linking Biden to the CCP

Gal Luft, Idf Col. And Professor Links Biden Crime Family To Ccp. Fbi , Doj Thugs Want To Arrest And Silence
Gal Lufe, Biden Whistle Blower Sought By Doj, Fbi Thugs To Arrest And Silence
Biden’s Thugs at the DOJ Seeking to Arrest More Whistleblowers on Joe Biden’s Control by the CCP. FBI Thugs and Traitorous DOJ Officials Seek to Stmp Out and Concel Evidence that Biden and his Administration are CCP Agents Seeking to Destroy the USA and its Allies.

He notified them that Joe had participated in a conference with Hunter and CEFC executives at a Four Seasons hotel in Washington, DC, at around the same time when Hunter got a substantial payment from CEFC.

It is puzzling why he was not captured prior to his departure from the United States.

A missing witness in the investigation of corruption including Joe Biden wants to share info about an FBI informant who notified him. IRS supervisory agent Joe Ziegler notified the House Ways and Means Committee that he could verify information offered by the witness to the FBI, such as a meeting between Hunter Biden and Chairman Ye in Miami, recommendations to a $10 million amount, wire transfers from CEFC China Energy to Hunter, and the regular monthly payments gotten by Hunter and Jim Biden from CEFC China.

The false declaration charges associate with his responses about his own dealings with CEFC, through a think tank that held energy conferences with a CEFC think tank, run by Ho.

After understanding that their attempts to conceal the fact were failing, the Department of Justice chose to tarnish my track record by accusing me of developing 2 incorrect declarations, which they had made in Brussels. Being implicated by the federal government of making false statements indicates that you are dishonest. Therefore, anything you communicate to them is most likely not to be thought, or remedy.

Luft, an expert in energy with strong connections in Washington and Beijing, asserts that several popular figures, including previous national security advisors, a previous CIA Director, a former NSA Director, a previous Chairman of the Fed, former cabinet secretaries, previous senators, retired generals, and CEOs, supported CEFC in Washington and aspired to benefit economically by aligning themselves with Ye.

Although prosecutors from the Southern District of New York produced evidence throughout Ho’s trial that Ye was the mastermind of the plan to bribe African leaders at the UN, they never charged the CEFC chairman. He was allowed to roam free around Manhattan for weeks after Ho’s arrest.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to prevent Ye from leaving a New Jersey airport on his elegant $60 million private jet, an A319 Airbus with the tail number “VP-CIA,” just before Christmas in 2017. However, Ye’s legal group from Skadden, Arps successfully argued that there was no active arrest warrant for Ye, and for that reason, no legal basis for his detention, according to Luft.

He wonders about the coincidence of his indictment being handed down simple days before the 2022 midterm elections, which saw Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives and therefore acquire the authority to inspect accusations of corruption within the Biden administration.

Luft recognizes himself as the very first person to raise concerns about the Hunter Biden investigation and considers himself an important witness to a breach in national security. Nevertheless, his signals were overlooked.

Chairman Ye, Hunter’s the majority of financially rewarding Chinese company partner, has actually not been seen because he was jailed for “financial crimes” in China in early 2018, on the direct orders of President Xi Jinping, according to Chinese news agency Caixin.

The former Israel Defense Force lieutenant colonel, who worked with the exact same Chinese energy company, CEFC, that paid Hunter and Jim Biden more than $8 million, skipped bail in Cyprus in 2015 after being charged with attempted gun-running, serving as a foreign agent for China and lying to the FBI.

His disclosures about the Bidens were supported substantially by the FBI 9 months later on, when the bureau subpoenaed Hunter’s laptop, and then once again in 2015 by IRS whistleblowers who had been investigating Hunter in Delaware given that 2018.

He mentions that he was not charged with making false statements in Brussels about the Bidens, “which indicates that on the concerns of the Bidens and the arrest warrants leakage the DOJ believed I was telling the truth.”

CEFC’s mysterious billionaire chairman Ye Jianming not only cultivated Hunter Biden, whom one of his partners called “the genuine sheik of Washington,” but likewise charmed other important figures with luxurious gifts such as pricey diamonds.

Although he is inspired by self-interest in slamming federal prosecutors, his disclosures have been accurate thus far. While evading capture, he continues to interact with previous CEFC staff members and has discovered new information about the recruitment of influential Americans from both political parties to support China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Luft warned the FBI’s Brussels workplace about the presence of a spy within their ranks who had informed CEFC executives about the ongoing examination against them.

In March 2019, one month before Joe Biden announced he was running for president, and nine months before the FBI acquired his wayward boy’s deserted laptop, Luft went to the DOJ and told them about the millions of dollars CEFC was paying Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden.

Hunter’s ex-business partner Rob Walker validated in an FBI interview in 2020 and in current congressional testament that the meeting between Joe and The Four Seasons happened in February 2017.

He believed the mole was either a current or former FBI staff member who was paid a lot of cash to leak the contents of four sealed indictments from the Southern District of New York.

Luft declares that Ye received information from an FBI informant that CEFC was being checked out. He divulges that Ye thought he was under FBI monitoring in the chillier months of 2017 whenever he departed his $50 million penthouse on the Upper West Side, even while walking through Central Park, following the arrest of his associate, Patrick Ho, on bribery claims at JFK airport.