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Disease “X”, Brought to You By Bill Gates, China and the WHO..

Who, Bill Gates, China Seek World Control Through New Global Health Treaty
World Health Orgaization Controlled By Billgates And China Will Unleash Disease X To Gain World Control

World Health Organization Working Together with Bill Gates and China to Bring  ‘Disease X’To Your Home Soon

The World Health Organization is working together with Bill Gates and China to establish a brand-new illness called ‘Disease X’. This initiative belongs to a bigger effort to enhance global health and avoid the spread of infectious diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been secretly dealing with Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party to unleash “Disease X” on the Western world as soon international leaders sign the United Nations “health” agency’s “Pandemic Treaty.”

The news was revealed by leading researcher Sir. Anthony Epstein, who blew the whistle quickly before he died at the age of 102 recently.

Epstein disclosed that Covid mRNA vaccines were triggering lethal “turbo cancers” to develop.

The noted British pathologist and scholar is credited with the discovery of the Epstein Barr Virus (with Barr acting as his professional), commonly called EBV.

Prior to his demise, Sir Epstein revealed discoveries that recommended Covid vaccinations were intentionally crafted to trigger an extensive break out of vaccine-induced immune system dysfunction, commonly described as VAIDS.

Nevertheless, he cautioned that Covid injection-induced VAIDS was just a test for an even more fatal depopulation agenda.

The United Nations (UN) and its associated companies the WHO, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are spearheading this effort.

The WHO plans to use the development of “Disease X” develop the UN, which is affected by the CCP, as the sole governing body on a worldwide scale.

After the application of the “New World Order,” Western nations will introduce the Chinese Communist-inspired “Great Reset,” including systems like social credit scoring, digital identification, compact urban planning, cash-free economies, restricted food allowances, and restrictions on transportation, meat and dairy consumption, and property acquisition.

The WHO is promoting Western countries to sign up to its agenda for world supremacy to deal with the looming “next pandemic.”

The federal government, along with many others, appears to believe that this would be helpful, but a lot of us are deeply concerned about the potential loss of our sovereignty.

The WHO has actually headed out of its way to assure us that this is not the case and released a document that lays this out.

As Philipp Kruse, a legal expert from Switzerland, pointed out throughout a parliamentary conversation recently, a thorough examination of a document intentionally crafted to hinder close scrutiny through its large volume reveals that this claim is, in fact, incorrect.

The WHO showed itself to be supremely inexperienced in its handling of the Covid outbreak in China.

Now it wishes to inflict this incompetence on us all over again but this time be in total control. Why?

Jeremy Farrar has been recruited from the Wellcome Trust to lead the scientific efforts, together with other people who think that carrying out a more stringent and earlier lockdown is essential.

Farrar is either a paid phony or entirely inept as he drove the suppression of the reality that the Covid infection left from a Wuhan lab.

It is on record that even his other half thought the virus did not look natural.

The WHO is now in the clutches of the Gates Foundation and China and expects our excessive contributions, which Western governments give it along with its other sibling firms such as GAVI and CEPI.

We need to seize the opportunity and take out instantly, as this is an indication.

What is its agenda? It desires control to handle the next pandemic, which it will surely reveal when we are all signed up.

The fear started with the arrival of the alarming sickness known as “Disease X.”

Reports have actually emerged of infections with increased severity, consisting of a pressure that has proven deadly to 100% of contaminated mice in lab settings.

The implication is this one will contaminate the brain.

Unfortunately, I should validate that a substantial portion of this info has the potential to be precise.

Our analysis of the Covid infection sequence revealed substantial modifications made to the virus, including additional hereditary parts that allowed it to not only target the primary ACE-2 receptor for infection but also interact with secondary receptors related to taste and odor. As a result, the virus has actually currently impacted the brain, as evidenced by individuals experiencing cognitive disability called brain fog.

Scientists exposed that there is more than one Wuhan laboratory dealing with coronaviruses which one under military control is concentrating on neurological targeting infections.

The virus is extremely powerful and has the capability to control the minds of previously logical people, triggering them to embrace brand-new belief systems and ideologies that they would usually critically evaluate before accepting.

Having eliminated the frontal lobe function, mass hysteria sets in with mandated thoughts on diversity, equity, and inclusivity resulting in (in short) a mass outbreak of the extremely opposite before spreading out to accept more concepts like environment and governance.

It is imperative that we avoid the globalists from advancing their program, no matter the expense.

If the WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty” is signed, freedom will be lost, permanently.