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Democrats Turn Federal Government Into Massive Vote Harvester

Obiden Junta Has Turned The Federal Government Into  Massive Vote Harvester  Scam
Biden Junta Has Turned The Federal Government Into Massive Vote Harvester Scam
The Crime Family Masquerading as the Democratic Party Is Using the Full Reouirces of the Federal Government to win the November 2024 election.
By John Livingston
May 11, 2024
In March 2021, Joe Biden signed an executive order focused on “access to voting,” directing federal government firms to reinforce voter registration efforts, help with mail-in voting applications for Americans, and take on misinformation, among other arrangements. This order encapsulates the Democratic Party program, embedding many practices implemented momentarily during the pandemic-impacted 2020 election.

Three years later, the House GOP is now examining the Biden administration after documents exposed that the White House has been coordinating with left-wing activists on citizen registration.

The Oversight Project highlighted in a current memo its belief that the 2021 executive order is a partisan undertaking aimed at forming future election outcomes by leveraging federal resources, facilities, and impact.

Based upon a RealClearPolitics poll average, Trump is ahead of Biden by about 1%. Republicans are questioning the legality of the 2021 “Bidenbucks” order, which advises firms to seek help from third-party groups and state officials for citizen registration services. This order has raised concerns among Republicans who have been investigating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s funding of a progressive-left group that presumably influenced the 2020 election in favor of Democrats.

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) stated the internal meeting notes expose “unlawful coordination” between the Biden administration and progressive activists to plot “election disturbance,” adding that legislators are investigating the 2021 executive order “to ensure our elections are free and reasonable.” Stefanik is extensively considered to be President Donald Trump’s vice presidential choice in 2024.

According to the Washington Examiner, Republican lawmakers are becoming more concerned about an instruction from President Joe Biden in 2021 that requires federal agencies to deal with voter registration strategies with outside groups that have been ‘approved’ by the Biden Administration. They fear this order could be misused in November to increase citizen turnout for the Democratic. The Biden administration has provided this initiative as nonpartisan. Still, internal records expose that a preparation call in July 2021 involved left-leaning companies proposing substantial modifications to election policies generally.

“President Biden’s EO is an overreach of the executive branch’s constitutional authority and overlooks the Constitution’s federalist election system,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) stated in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “The states set the time, way, and location of their elections, and this EO needs to be looked at seriously.”

Republican legislators and conservative legal scholars argue that the executive order is unconstitutional and ignores several federal regulations. Among these are the Antideficiency Act, which forbids federal agencies from surpassing authorized funds allocated by Congress, and the Hatch Act, which restricts government employees from participating in particular political ventures.

Satisfying notes acquired by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project and Foundation for Government Accountability expose that members of activist groups went over a range of problems, including registering undocumented immigrants and including voter registration as a requirement in federal legislation related to public housing.