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Democrats Panic As Trump Polls Indicate A Crushing Defeat in November

Jesse Watters discusses how Democrats are growing desperate over previous President Trump’s lead over President Biden in some polls on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: Today, a poll shows Donald Trump beating Joe Biden in Michigan by 12 points. Now, if polls like this hold, we’re looking at one of the greatest landslides in American political history, which is why Democrats are desperate and are tossing a legal Hail Mary.

Biden’s prosecutor is asking the courts if he’s enabled to charge Trump with a criminal offense for challenging the election. The former president believed he ‘d appear to the hearing today. His defense team argued that the president commands the executive branch and his chief executive officer.

The president is given authority by the Constitution to perform and uphold the laws of the country. Following a remarkable election utilizing mail-in tallies, where rules were changed on brief notification, and with accusations of collusion and deception by the CIA, FBI, and Big Tech versus the American citizens, Donald Trump was fully justified in using his power to implement election laws, examine claims of fraud, and pursue recounts and legal conflicts.

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