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Democrats Import Terror Force To Crush 2024 Election Protests

Crime Family Masquerading As Democratic Party Importing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Military Age Men
Biden Importing Secret Army Of Illegals To Take Over The Usa By Coup In November
All Democratic Senators backed the flights of young illegal males joining the military under the leadership of the Obiden Junta.

ALL Senate Dems Vote Against Stopping Biden Administration’s Charter Flights for Illegal Aliens

Gangster Soldiers Being Prepared to Put Down Any November Election Protest
John Livingston
March 24, 2024

They are Being Sent to military Type Camps Where They are Given ID and Military Training

Vote ‘no’ to protect this practice of using taxpayer dollars to charter planes that move and import thousands of illegal aliens into your states,” he included. Make no mistake here, President Biden has been secretly flying hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from foreign countries into Blue City airports. Just last year alone in 2023, it was reported that some 320,000 illegal aliens had been flown in using this method.

The group of mainly single military-age young males is being sent to military-type camps where they are being given ID and military training. The object is these illegals will be the backbone of an NKVD-Brown Shirt enforcement group that will stamp out any protest against the massive election fraud planned by the organized crime family masquerading as the Democratic Party. They serve as the main part of the Crime Family’s terrorist group responsible for stopping by force any protests against the massive election fraud planned for November. It’s estimated the Democrats will have three million “gangster soldiers”  to act quickly.

Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee required to the Senate flooring to promote his proposal to prevent the Biden administration from allowing the entry of unlawful migrants into the nation.

“To consider my very basic and affordable amendment, it’s important that the Senate should move the Democrat leaders blocking modification out of the way to move on with my amendment,” the senator stated.

“I’d like to simplify the matter at hand,” he said. “I’m proposing a vote on an uncomplicated concern: Do you agree with utilizing American taxpayers’ money to carry undocumented immigrants from nations such as Venezuela and Haiti to the United States, where they will be resettled in neighborhoods near you? If not, then enact my favor.”

On Friday evening, the United States Senate rejected proposed changes targeted at stopping the Biden administration’s concealed effort to authorize the entry of undocumented immigrants into the nation.

Proposed Amendment Text:

No funds allocated by this Act can be utilized to facilitate, provide, or purchase air transportation from a foreign country to the United States for an alien in order to take advantage of a parole process detailed in one of the following notices:

* Provided emergency medical treatment.
* Brought to the United States for necessary law enforcement purposes.

It means that while record numbers of migrants were flowing over the southern border last year, the Biden White House was also directly transporting them into the country,” the report added.

He continued, “Therefore, it makes no sense to give special privileges to illegal immigrants, who should not even be allowed in the United States in the first place, let alone allowed to board U.S. aircraft. This is symbolic of the Biden Administration’s prioritization of open border policies over Americans’ safety.

* The Department of Homeland Security’s “Implementation of a Parole Process for Venezuelans” (87 Fed. Reg. 63507, October 19, 2022).
* The Department of Homeland Security’s “Implementation of a Parole Process for Haitians” (88 Fed. Reg. 1243, January 9, 2023).
* The Department of Homeland Security’s “Implementation of a Parole Process for Nicaraguans” (88 Fed. Reg. 1255, January 9, 2023).
* The Department of Homeland Security’s “Implementation of a Parole Process for Cubans” (88 Fed. Reg. 1266, January 9, 2023).

In January, Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri wrote a letter to the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, David Pekoske, criticizing the agency for permitting undocumented immigrants to get on commercial flights without proper photo identification.

The CBP One app’s implementation facilitated the unobtrusive airborne entrance of approximately 320,000 individuals from foreign territories into the United States, without the individuals possessing proper authorization or documentation.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) added his support for another amendment, as he mentioned on X.

However, the amendment was defeated in the Senate when every Democrat voted against it.

Tonight every single Senate Democrat voted against my amendment that would stop Biden Admin from using taxpayer dollars to charter flights for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from their countries directly to American towns to be resettled,” Hagerty said. “Indefensible.”

However, this limitation does not apply in urgent situations where an individual is being:.

In 2022, United States Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) teamed up with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and eight other senators to propose the SECURE Flights Act, which aims to enhance enforcement and reduce illegal and risky entry to flights.

“If this report is accurate, this is outrageous,” wrote Senator Hawley. “Millions of Americans are subject to the TSA screening process, which is often a burdensome, long inconvenience– and which includes photo identification. But every day, Americans take on this burden to increase the safety of their fellow passengers.”

The Mail reported that Customs and Border Protection declined to provide details about a program from last year that involved arranging flights for numerous undocumented immigrants from overseas airports to cities in the United States.

“Americans have to show a photo ID when boarding an airplane,” the senator said. But illegal aliens don’t. My amendment would change that.”

The Biden regime has acknowledged a secretive program to import ‘unauthorized’ migrants into the U.S. Immigration attorneys defended the secrecy of this program by arguing that disclosing the locations of these flights may cause national security “vulnerabilities.

The Act would prevent the TSA from allowing illegal aliens to use immigration enforcement documents, such as arrest warrants, as identification when boarding commercial flights.

Senator Patty Murray expressed her opposition to the proposal, highlighting the potential for chaos and congestion at airports if illegal immigrants were required to present photo identification. Her comment was met with incredulity as if the notion that such a policy would cause significant delays and inconvenience for travelers was almost unbelievable.