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Crime Family On Arizona Rampage

Az Indictment
Arizona Crime Family Masquerading As Democrats Indict 11 Republicans In Phony Charges Of Election Fraud
By John Livingston
April 28, 2024Going Red for Trump

Lawwar Opened Up on Trump Supporters in Arizona
Desperate Attempt to Keep Arizona 

Rudy Giuliani, 5 other former Trump project officials, and previous White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows were all prosecuted on Wednesday by an Arizona grand jury on criminal counts about the Trump campaign’s protest of the 2020 election results. In addition to noting Trump as an “unindicted co-conspirator,” the indictment also contains criminal accusations of conspiracy, scams, and forgery. 

All claims were spun out of whole cloth without a scintilla evidence to back them up. The woke, commie grand jury that handed down the indictments was personally selected and empaneled by the organized crime family hitwoman who managed to steal her 2022 election by a few hundred votes. 

In addition, state senators Jake Hoffman and Anthony Kern, former Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward, and Arizona’s RNC committeeman Tyler Bowyer are amongst the eleven other Republicans who took part as alternate electors and have been charged. Alternate electors have regularly been referred to as “phony electors” by leftist district attorneys, who then implicate them in felony scams and forgery.

This has occurred in Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona as well. Offenders there will be charged with felonies connected to conspiracy, fraud, and forgery.

“Defendants and unindicted coconspirators schemed to prevent the lawful transfer of the presidency to keep Unindicted Coconspirator 1 in office versus the will of Arizona’s voters,” the 58-page indictment reads.

Eighteen Republicans from Arizona who were close to previous President Trump have been charged in overall. Other names are the former lawyer for Trump. In a video message launched on Wednesday, Mayes– who lost to Republican challenger Abe Hamadeh by less than 300 votes in 2022 in the middle of numerous “machine issues”– announced the indictment.

In a video message released on Wednesday, Mayes– who lost to Republican opponent Abe Hamadeh by less than 300 votes in 2022 in the middle of several “device problems”– announced the indictment.

“I am committed to securing the stability of American democracy. It’s of the utmost value. The detectives and attorneys involved in this case have dedicated themselves to thoroughly taking a look at the events that started nearly four years back, following the proof wherever it has led. I am extremely pleased with their work so far.”

“We’re here since justice demands an answer to the efforts that the offenders and other unindicted co-conspirators allegedly required to undermine the will of Arizona’s voters during the 2020 presidential election,” Mayes continued. “Arizona’s election was free and fair. Individuals of Arizona chose President Biden. Reluctant to accept this reality, the accused charged by the state grand jury allegedly schemed to prevent the lawful transfer of the presidency. Whatever their reasoning was, the plot to break the law should be answered for, and I was chosen to maintain the law of this state.”

She characterized the method of picking substitute electors employed in various U.S. elections as an illegal strategy.

“The scheme, had it prospered, would have denied Arizona’s voters of their right to have their votes counted for their picked president. It effectively would have made their right to vote worthless.”

Stephen Miller, the creator of America First Legal, criticized the most current indictment and questioned why Republican district attorneys have not yet taken any action. “Democrats are still utilizing brutal police methods to imprison their political rivals who are innocent. Miller mentioned in an X post, “Those who pursued legal, transparent public solutions are being transported away from their households and facing years in jail. Dem officials who broke election law in 2020 must be apprehended, not those who pursued legal remedies.”

“Is the Republican Party cognizant of the challenges it deals with, or is its attention exclusively directed towards Ukraine, oblivious to other pushing problems?”

If convicted, the offenders might soend decades