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Crime Family Judge Merchan Threatens Trump With Jail

Trump Will Choose Jail To Protect Freedom Of Speech
Trump Will Choose Jail To Protect Freedom Of Speech
By John Livingston
May 7, 2024

Trump will Go To Jail To Protect Our First Amendment Rights

On Monday, Merchan revealed that he would do something about it versus the former president for disregarding a court order, marking the 10th instance of noncompliance. He cautioned that the former president might face consequences, including the possibility of imprisonment, if there are any more breaches of the gag order.

According to The Hill, Trump discussed in a Truth Social post that has been eliminated that he was notified early Tuesday early morning about the identity of the witness for that day.

“He is CROOKED & HIGHLY CONFLICTED, even taking away my First Amendment Rights. Now he’s threatening me with JAIL & THEY HAVE NO CASE– This according to virtually all Legal Scholars & Experts! Why isn’t the Fake News Media reporting his Conflict?” Trump stated, The Hill reported.

Trump’s legal team is not informed about which potential witnesses will testify up until right before they are set to take the stand regardless of having a list of potential witnesses.

According to sources, Trump supposedly criticized Merchan in a post on Truth Social.

There was no breach of the gag order by Trump, as reported by John Livin.

Steinglass mentioned that his team intended to inform the defense about the approaching witness soon after the occasions on Monday.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s group has shown they have actually not offered a longer heads up due Trump’s recent posts about witnesses.

District attorney Joshua Steinglass informed the judge that he was not in favor the idea that the defense was being unfairly treated or deceived.

According to reports from The Hill, President Trump revealed disappointment that his legal group was not allocated enough time to prepare for the upcoming testamony in the continuous criminal trial.

“The gag order imposed by conflicted Judge Juan Merchan in the lawless Manhattan DA case is unconstitutional and un-American. President Trump has not broken this wrongful edict by a partisan operative,” project spokesperson Karoline Leavitt said in a declaration to Newsmax.

“This is unprecedented; there is no time for legal representatives to prepare,” the former president composed. “No Judge has ever run a trial in such a prejudiced and partisan way.”

NBC News reported that adult movie star Stormy Daniels was expected to testify Tuesday in the New York trial.

After the court procedures on Monday, Trump dismissed the judge’s care about possible imprisonment, emphasizing that he believes the Constitution holds higher significance than going

Threatening to send to prison the previous President of the United States and the current front the 2024 Presidential Election for utilizing his freedom of speech is a method frequently seen in authoritarian routines and is being credited to President Biden and his allies.

Todd Blanche, an attorney for Trump, mentioned in court on Monday afternoon that the identity of the approaching witness remains unidentified, as reported by The Hill.

Donald Trump’s project stated that the previous president did not breach a judge’s gag order in his Manhattan criminal trial. Following reports, he deleted a social media post on Tuesday early morning within an hour of first posting it.

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