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Corrupt Lawyers Use Law War to Intimidate Free Speech

In a current post released by The Guardian, Rachel Goodman, the attorney representing “Protect Democracy,” a progressive advocacy group, made a striking public declaration. The company has actually effectively taken advantage of its efforts to quiet those who question the legitimacy of elections, employing legal action as a means of intimidation.

Our goal is to reveal that there will be no impunity for those who deliberately spread out false information with the intention of causing damage, and that holding those responsible for intentional character assassination liable is necessary in preventing the recurrence of election interference in 2024.

It’s amazing that Goodman would freely acknowledge their method to daunt individuals, including public figures, who speak out against election scams. Their plan is to utilize the legal system as a tool of repression, producing a chilling effect on free speech. By doing so, they wish to instill worry in those who would otherwise voice their concerns and criticisms.

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This communist organization is fronting as an “anti-totalitarian” company and yet from their own website, Lawfare is their primal tool:

“Join forces with Protect Democracy and its renowned legal partners, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, and DuBose Miller LLC, in the Law for Truth initiative. Together, we’ll fight the purposeful dissemination of incorrect info that threatens our democratic structure through strategic lawsuits, targeted advocacy, and public awareness projects. In this important battle, we’ve employed the support of brave lawyers who will use their proficiency to protect our democratic worths. Despite the challenges presented by an often-ineffective judicial system, we remain unfaltering in our dedication to protecting the reality and promoting the concepts of democracy.”

Ms. Goodman does not think we individuals have the right to question election outcomes. Her organization funds fear of federal government retaliation and lawfare.

Ms. Goodman, we do deserve to petition the courts for complaints and expect elected agents to listen and act appropriately to evidence of election fraud and vulnerable devices !!

In order to secure the future of America, WE THE PEOPLE must step up and devote ourselves to fighting for the rule of law, for transparency, for the right to speak easily and freely. Please let me hear from you again as we press on in our work to SAVE our terrific country!

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