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Convicting Trump Will Make Him Stronger

Convicting Trump Only Makes Him Stronger
Convicting Trump Only Makes Him Stronger

The Sham Impeachment of Trump Will Ultimately Boost His Popularity

By John Livingston

May 16, 2024

Elon Musk on X, May 12, 2024:“The more unfair the attacks on Trump seem to the public, the higher he will rise in the polls,”

Evaluating the deceptive New York case versus Donald Trump from a legal viewpoint is meaningless, as the issue at hand is not legal but rather a political one. The case is being carried out as a kangaroo court in a deliberate effort to weaken a political challenger and prevent him from winning the election against a candidate who is  visibly failing and corrupt, 

Biden is NOT running the country. The nation is being run by an organized crime syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party with the frail Biden as their puppet leader.  Nevertheless, those behind the plan are starting to deal with the repercussions of their actions. This is not a genuine case but rather a sly, deceptive, and disgraceful effort. However, within a system that does not have ethical or ethical requirements, such actions are sadly allowed to occur. Trump is NOT the first victim of this criminal syndicate. He is simply the most visible. We all have lived under its thumb for many years. Not a family in America has not been touched by its foul, corrupt, deceitful hand.  That they would deploy it against Trump illustrates their confidence, arrogance, and desperation.

If I were to elaborate on the legal elements of the case, which there truly aren’t any to begin with, I would have a hard time due to the fact that there is no considerable legal basis. The district attorney, supported by Soros and campaigning on a pledge to discover something to charge Donald Trump with, has not supplied a clear legal charge. The judge, chosen for his fierce loyalty to the crime family and with long and deep ties to their operatives, appears more thinking about protecting a guilty verdict than promoting justice. Regardless of the talk of democracy and the guidelines of law, the truth is rather obvious that he has made every effort to aid Bragg and his cadre of Trump haters.

The supreme objective is to make it possible for Joe Biden to identify Donald Trump a guilty crook, however, the concern for them is that the general public does not see this as a genuine conviction. They’re conscious that the judgment will likely be reversed on appeal by a court that maintains the law instead of dealing with Democratic desires to jail their political enemies. Their main goal is to protect a conviction before the election, no matter the legal benefits. The actual legal procedures have little effect on them and never were.

The impressive thing is that it seems inefficient. Everybody knows the scenario, which is why the choices made by the judge and jury are not substantial. Individuals are concentrated on supporting the Trump Train instead of stressing over convictions.

Numerous people have tried to decipher the case’s secret, including Andrew McCarthy, who has offered informative commentary regardless of not being a fan of Donald Trump. The supposed legal theory focuses on Trump’s expected falsification of organization records, although he didn’t personally change them, and the records themselves were precise. Furthermore, the statute of constraints has currently ended. It’s possible that the objective was to hide a project contribution that supposedly breached federal election law, however, this claim is unproven, and, in any case, the Manhattan DA does not have the authority to prosecute federal election law offenses. The whole case seems unwarranted and unmatched, without any comparable prosecutions. It’s unreasonable to anticipate somebody to be charged with a criminal offense they didn’t understand they were devoting, particularly when the action in question isn’t unlawful. Nevertheless, this abstract thought typically takes a rear seat when it concerns pursuing political enemies.

Could you supply me with more details about Our Democracy and the Rule of Law and describe how Donald Trump poses a threat to them? I might utilize an excellent chuckle.

In my 41 years of legal experience, I’ve never encountered a case as blatantly polluted as this one. The Democratic conspiracy to reject a Republican is extraordinary in its audacity. The reliability of the witnesses doubts, to state the least. One is a sex employee with a history of irregular statements, while the other is a found guilty phony. Both have freely stated their vendetta versus the offender. Regrettably, the result appears predetermined, with a jury composed entirely of Democrats. It’s challenging to communicate the seriousness of this circumstance to somebody without a legal background, especially if they depend on traditional media, which does not have the understanding and inspiration to expose the scandal for what it is.

We’re likely annoyed and persuaded that Trump has committed a significant offense. We’re expected to be surprised and horrified, stating, “Trump is a criminal!” However, the general public has stopped buying into the act. They see this as another circumstance of deceptiveness in a long line of dishonesty. After years of being misinformed by unreliable organizations, individuals have become numb to the fact. From the incorrect claims about Iraq to the unprosecuted Wall Street collapse, the Covid pandemic, and the Russia ordeal, not to mention Joe Biden’s current about-face on Israel, whatever appears like a sham. As a result, it’s no surprise that individuals doubt this most current advancement, questioning why it ought to be any different. This extensive mistrust states much about how ordinary people see their federal government and its organizations.

It is highly likely that Trump will be convicted as they have thoroughly picked a jury from a primarily Democrat location. While one juror might disagree, the possibilities of a hung jury are slim. It would take great courage to withstand and take part in what is viewed as an unjust trial.

Eventually, a higher court will overrule this problematic system. However, in the meantime, developed companies will try to exploit their reliability to encourage the public of their credibility. Nevertheless, their reliability could be better. The organizations are polluted by corruption and ideological predispositions, resulting in prevalent suspicion of their claims. Even if Trump is condemned, his appeal may in fact, increase. This phenomenon recommends that Americans are not ignorant about corruption; they know it, acknowledge its existence, and decline to be tricked. Those responsible for the nation’s decrease will attempt to move the blame to those who recognize the issues. However, we are taking notice.

Donald Trump’s approaching conviction will have little effect. While there might be some momentary survey variations, Trump is anticipated to make a strong resurgence. It is necessary to support Trump in turning down current affairs. Simply observing and slamming society from the sidelines is not appropriate. It’s inadequate to be knowledgeable about the circumstance; you should do something about it and actively reveal assistance for Trump. His approaching wrongful conviction ought to be a significant inspiration for backing him.