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Communists Have Infiltrated Our Government At the Highest Levels- Trump

Communists Have Infiltrated Our Government At the Highest Levels – Trump Vows They Will Be Found,  Thrown out, and Prosecuted

Trump Speech To Nra Harrisburg, Pa 11-05
We Will Find, Throw Out And Prosecute The Communists Put In Place By The Biden And Obama Administrations

Trump Vows to Clear Out Biden’s ‘Communists Who Have Weaponized Govt’The two-tiered justice system under President Joe Biden poses an existential threat this November, former President Donald Trump swore Friday night in his 8th headlining address to the National Rifle Association.

Throughout the NRA Great American Outdoor Show Presidential Forum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a vital state in the 2024 presidential race, Trump revealed his intention to completely revamp the corrupt Department of Justice. He stressed his firm commitment to remove all individuals who were determined as communists and had misused their government authority to target conservatives and weapon owners.

“And we will replace them with relentless crime fighters to put violent criminals behind bars.”

The era of lax enforcement of American laws will quickly be a distant memory, consisting of the indifferent method to southern border and immigration regulations, along with the lax policies in cities governed by Democrats. The Department of Justice will no longer be utilized as a tool to target conservatives and spiritual individuals, as President Trump has promised a shift towards more stringent adherence to the law.

Trump stated that there are no consequences for people taking part in violent criminal activities such as murder, slaughter, and mugging. The Biden Administration and the two Obama Administrations have stacked our government with far-left communist activists who work daily to undermine our Republic and enslave your people.

“It seems that people who hold strong religious beliefs are dealing with discrimination, and this is particularly true for those of a particular faith. It’s unclear what’s happening with the Catholic neighborhood, however, they appear to be dealing with undue hardship.”

Trump has run on a law-and-order platform since he first ran for president in 2015, however, the 2020 presidential election featured nationwide lawlessness and Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting, weaponized by leftist agitators seeking to “defund the authorities” and beat Trump to install a soft-on-crime Biden administration, Trump warned.

Trump promised that the day of his inauguration would mark the restoration of lawfulness, rationality, and fairness in the United States of America.

“On day one, we will seal the border and stop the invasion of America– we’re being gotten into similar to it’s a military invasion.”

Trump credited the weaponization of justice against conservatives– not to mention himself with multiple politicized indictments as Biden’s chief political competitor– for creating huge citizen interest in his campaign.

The interest displayed by the NRA crowd has left me in awe, declared Trump. The energy levels witnessed during the 2016 and 2020 elections were amazing, but the present environment surpasses them, as it highlights the failure of those responsible for the country’s failure.

Trump has promised for months in his campaign to indemnify police, offering the law enforcement officers their authority back to impose the laws Biden’s DOJ refuses to and restore public safety that has damaged Democrat-run cities.

“Even as they turn America into a crime-ridden, gang-infested, terror-filled dumping ground, Joe Biden and his goons will do whatever in their power to confiscate your guns and annihilate your God-given right to self-defense,” Trump said.

“Throughout my time, I experienced a sense of stagnancy, as if time was stalling. The weight of responsibility bearing down on me was tremendous, with the constant tip of the power of firearms. Despite the lack of exercise, we remained undaunted in our determination, declining to succumb to the pressures that surrounded us.”

“And as soon as you yield a bit, that’s just the start. That’s when the avalanche starts.”

In a unique Mar-a-Lago sit-down with reporters on Monday, Trump duplicated a mantra shared frequently: “Trump was right about everything.”

Nevertheless, on Friday night, he consisted of an important condition

“The sole unknown quantity was the intensity of the scenario, and it turned out to be worse than I ever envisioned,” he mentioned.

If Joe Biden serves for another four years, it would require the continuation of communist people opposed to weapons leading the ATF.