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Communist Globalists Plan to Leak Deadly ‘Disease X’ This Year to Install Single World Government

Globalists Plan to Leak Deadly ‘Disease X’ This Year to Install Single World Governmen

John Acord, Editor
Part One
January 28, 2024

Unelected globalists are planning to release their so-called “Disease X” this year as part of a plan to set up a single world government by 2025, specialists are cautioning.

Led by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Bill Gates, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations (UN), globalists are preparing to unleash a lethal pandemic on humanity to seize control of sovereign nations.

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Currently, the UN and its “health” agency the WHO are aligning themselves as the new global authority.

The relocation will mark the realization of the UN’s long-standing vision to establish itself as a supranational authority, guiding global affairs through a centralized decision-making process.

The plan to unleash a deadly pandemic has two main objectives:

Massively reduce the global population of “useless humans.”
Create justification to establish a single world government.
The WHO’s pandemic treaty is the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian regime, a one-world government.

We can confidently anticipate the occurrence of future pandemics, whether they are engineered through manip tactics and exaggerated fear or originate from intentionally created bioweapons. This certainty arises from the implementation of The Great Reset, a plan that aims to establish worldwide biosecurity monitoring and a centralized approach to handling such crises.

The emergence of a new contagion is expected to occur in 2024, with the potential to spread globally by the end of next year. The media is already laying the groundwork for its arrival.

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From January 15th to 19th, 2024, prominent figures from around the world gathered at the World Economic Forum’s Davos summit to discuss pressing global issues. One of the main focuses of the event was the hypothetical scenario of “Disease X,” a potential pandemic predicted to have a devastating impact, claiming 20 times more lives than the COVID-19 pandemic.

In August 2023, a new vaccine research facility was set up in Wiltshire, England, to begin work on a vaccine against the unknown “Disease X”

In June 2023, legislators in the United States put forward a proposal known as the “Disease X Act of 2023” (H.R. 3832) to address the threat of unknown diseases.

The proposed legislation mandates the creation of a BARDA initiative focused on developing effective treatments and preventative measures against viral diseases that could potentially spread rapidly and threaten public health on a global scale.

In early June 2023, the Subcommittee on Health received the bill for consideration, but it has not been approved yet.

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed for an unprecedented shift in power and wealth distribution across the world and, as predicted, it was not to be a one-off event.