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Chinese Military Infiltrating the Border

Tens Of Thousands Of Chinese Illegals Entering  The Usa. National Security Risk
Thousands Ofillegal Chinese Immigrants Pose A Major Security Threat
A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) source informed Fox News that on May 1 and May 2, Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector captured over 200 Chinese nationals every day.

Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) declared last June at a Homeland Security meeting.

Most of the immigrants are military-age, single males. Some have admitted being proficient in the use of firearms and have served in branches of the Chinese People’s Army.
May more Chinese av entered the nation undetected, especially throughout the porous Northern Border with Canada where Chinese can easily obtain a 90-day visa to Canada and then slip across the US border. 

On Thursday, representatives encountered 223 migrants after experiencing 262 on Wednesday.

Fox News reported that the Border Patrol Sector has observed more than two hundred Chinese migrants on 2 various days today, exceeding the overall number of Chinese migrants experienced in Fiscal Year 2021.

The increase of Chinese nationals entering the United States unlawfully through the southern border with Mexico has become a pushing concern for national security. According to Customs and Border Protection, an average of nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants are entering the nation daily, with a considerable part believed to be of Chinese origin. The San Diego Sector has actually seen a significant increase in Chinese nationals attempting to enter the US, raising alarm bells amongst government officials who believe that they might be involved in drug smuggling, especially fentanyl. 

Members of Congress have expressed issue that the Chinese Communist federal government may be motivating this unlawful migration to help with the spread of dangerous drugs, adding to the continuous drug overdose crisis in the United States.

” We have no idea who these people are, and it’s most likely, utilizing Russia’s template of sending out military personnel into Ukraine, China is doing the same into the United States,” Mr. Green stated. People with recognized ties to the PLA were seen with the immigrants.

Your Home Homeland Security Committee chairman suggests that China may be taking advantage of the circumstances at the United States border to slip military personnel into the nation.

It’s still an issue, and the border is still open. The Biden administration lies about it, and the media downplays it or lies.

It is impossible to know if these Chinese may be agents who are sent to spy on, infiltrate, and sabotage the US should war break out with China in the future. 

People obliterate their identification documents before entry. According to El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, authorities have discovered Chinese passports and recognition cards from various regions, including the Middle East and Mexico.