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‘Buck’s Resignation Is RINO Plot To Deliver House to Woke,Commie Control

Ken Bucks Resignation Part Of Woke, Commie Plot To Weaken Trump'S Support And Give House To Commies
Ken Buck’S Resignation A Plot To Hand House Leadership To Woke, Commi Enemies Of Trump

“Livingston’s Insights: A Fresh Perspective on March 14, 2024”

“You might have Speaker Jeffries throwing out … all these cases against the Bidens right before the November election, as the chair of each committee changes,” he predicted.

Buck, he said, “dislikes Republicans so much, he left Congress early to screw you over, right before an election in November.”

According to the Washington Post, Buck announced his choice to resign from Congress by the end of next week, which is earlier than originally prepared. Consequently, there will be an unique election hung on June 25 to momentarily fill his seat, coinciding with the primary already set up for the district.

“Ken Buck and a group of conservative Republicans have created a multi-faceted strategy, that includes installing Speaker Hakeem Jeffries, dismissing President Biden’s agenda, gaining control of the certification procedure, and preventing Lauren Boebert from taking office.”

Commentator Dan Bongino suggests that Rep. Ken Buck’s questionable actions have an ominous underlying intention that must alarm all conservatives.

He pondered the idea of a circumstance where a faction of Republicans who are staunchly versus Donald Trump strategically abandon their Congressional seats just before a presidential election, possibly causing a far-left Democrat like Speaker Hakeem Jeffries taking charge.

Bongino called Buck’s early departure a “big story” and stated he thinks “there’s something more going on here.”

“Ken Buck is screwing you over like you have no concept,” he stated. “The thing everyone need to be asking today is, ‘Does someone have something on these guys'” who are “thinking about leaving.”

Bongino has revealed disapproval towards Buck, describing him as an undesirable Republican and a poor agent, who has actually failed to satisfy expectations.

If Republicans lose the majority, House Minority Leader Jeffries (D-N.Y.) will take control of the critical gavel.

“The current situation is quite messy and disorderly,” he observed.

“Yeah,” he told audiences, “his name is Hakeem Jeffries.”

Boebert concurs, explaining Buck’s early exit as an advantage to the unified celebration.

The former U.S. Secret Service agent and NYPD officer indicated a Newsweek post declaring that, according to Buck, “More Republican Resignations Are Coming.”

And, obviously, it is the chilling truth.

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, who announced in December that she will be running in the general election for Buck’s seat instead of look for reelection to her battleground district, said she will not “further threaten the already really slim House Republican bulk” by running in the special election.”

Bongino posits that we might be observing the execution of a sinister strategy to weaken previous President Donald Trump’s capacity to efficiently govern if he were to be re-elected in November.

“Do you comprehend they dislike you now?” he asked.

“Wouldn’t that be fascinating?” he continued.

“All the examinations, right before the election, that are being run by House Judiciary and elsewhere,” Bongino said, would all see a change in management if Republicans lose the majority.

And, because of the timing of the special election, Boebert “would have to leave her seat to run in the unique.”

“When asked by Axios whether he was coming under pressure from colleagues over his decision to resign,” the outlet reports, “Buck responded: ‘I believe it’s the next three people that leave that they’re going to be fretted about.'”

“If three people depart and New York does not work out, who will assume the role of Speaker?” Bongino inquired.

Matter of fact,” he stated, “they dislike Lauren Boebert.”

Bongino stressed that his statement was not meant to develop conflict, however rather to highlight the truth that those who hold particular views do not have the best interests of others at heart, and it would be silly to think otherwise.

Bongino mentioned that there is an attempt to omit Lauren Boebert from holding the position.

“House Democrats have only one job to fill after Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY) resigned on Feb. 2,” the outlet notes.

To make matters worse, according to Bongino, “the establishment does not like Lauren Boebert.”

“They hate your guts.”

“I’m not sure if this guy is simply straight-up dumb, or what,” he said.

“Is there some sort of, like, ‘honeypot’ operation going on?” Bongino needed to know. “Because this is awfully unusual, that they can’t have Trump in workplace and, suddenly, your home is a hair’s-length away from flipping to Hakeem Jeffries, who will destroy every investigation into the Biden criminal activity family, and, on the certification day, would be managing your home again, much like [former Speaker Nancy] Pelosi did on January 6th.”

The primary focus, according to Bongino, is on the election verification process. If Buck’s claims are accurate and 3 additional Republicans step down, this obligation could be handed over to Jeffries.

After former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) both left before their terms were up, “Republicans will have a 218-213 bulk and three jobs that will be filled by special elections before November,” the New York Post reports.

“His departure will significantly affect the comfy margin we had in your home, and it’s likely we’ll be left with a slim majority of 2 or perhaps even one seat, depending on the result in New York,” Bongino cautioned.

Do you believe Ken Buck resigned unintentionally?