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Bragg’s Office Admits Evidence Tampering..

Bragg'S Office Admits Evidence Tampering And Deletion
Bragg’S Office Admits Evidence Tampering And Deletion
Bragg’s Office Admits Evidence Tampering at Trump NYC Trial
By John Livingston
May 13, 2024
A paralegal from Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg’s workplace testified on Friday during previous President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial that some phone call records in between Michael Cohen and Stephanie Clifford’s (a.k.a. Stormy Daniels) legal representative were erased, raising questions about evidentiary integrity.

Jarmel-Schneider validated the removal of specific files. He confessed that phone logs from 2018 detailing discussions between Cohen and Keith Davidson, the attorney representing Clifford, were eliminated, as were notes from discussions between Clifford’s representative, Gina Rodriguez, and previous National Enquirer editor, Dylan Howard, concerning Clifford’s allegations of an affair with President Trump.

President Trump has refuted any allegations of misconduct and argues that the case is an attempt driven by political intentions to sabotage his potential 2024 governmental candidateship.

Mr. Trump Jr. was most likely referring to the reality that proof tampering is a class E felony in New York.

The prosecutors have presented the phone records as evidence to reinforce their argument that the expected affair, which President Trump refuted, happened. They likewise claim that the ex-president made company documents to conceal payments that were made to Ms. Clifford to keep her peaceful.

The office of Alvin Bragg has actually been accused of removing phone logs involving discussions with Michael Cohen, a former associate of a prominent figure, and the lawyer representing adult film star Stormy Daniels.

The fact that district attorneys submitted the call records as proof but didn’t tell the Trump defense team that some of them had been deleted raises questions about the integrity of the proceedings, according to Trump attorneys and others.

The development comes at the tail end of an intense week that saw President Trump subjected to gag order sanctions, 2 stopped-working attempts by the defense team to have a mistrial declared, and Ms. Clifford taking the stand.

“Absolute madness! It’s unbelievable that Bragg and his partners aren’t being charged with a severe criminal offense for their actions,” Donald Trump’s oldest boy, Don Trump Jr., exclaimed in a post on the social media platform X, explaining the apparent double standard that would apply if the Trump group were involved.

In a quote to challenge some of the evidence being put forward in President Trump’s business records falsification trial in Manhattan, Trump lawyer Emil Bove asked paralegal Jaden Jarmel-Schneider in court on May 10 about roughly three pages worth of records that the attorney claimed Mr. Bragg’s workplace had erased.

Mr. Bragg’s office did not respond to an inquiry about the deleted records.

The Trump lawyer declared that the deletions were “significant,” triggering Mr. Jarmel-Schneider to contest that characterization, though he acknowledged that a few of the records had undoubtedly been erased.

Trial End in Sight

The defense attorney requested a mistrial, declaring that her comments were extremely prejudiced and might unjustly sway the jury.

Prosecuting attorney Joshua Steinglass said Friday that prosecutors prepare to call simply 2 more witnesses and that it’s “completely possible” that the prosecution will rest its case at the end of next week.

Mr. Dershowitz recently expressed his belief that Mr. Bragg’s workplace has infringed upon the rights of citizens through the Trump prosecution. The legal expert competes that the case constitutes a criminal plot to affect election results.

President Trump faces 34 allegations of doctoring service files, which usually carries a misdemeanor charge. Nevertheless, prosecutors declare that the controlled records were utilized to conceal a plot to sway the outcome of the 2016 governmental election, raising the offense to a felony.

In the future, the jury will be entrusted with figuring out whether the prosecution has actually provided adequate proof to convincingly demonstrate that President Trump played a role in controlling company documents as a means of swaying the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

The defense team declares that Mr. Cohen got payment for legal services, however district attorneys argue that the category of these payments as legal expenditures was deceitful, as they were intended to silence Ms. Clifford concerning the supposed affair.

Ms. Clifford testified over 2 days, with attorneys and the judge revealing some frustration that she frequently reacted to questions with commentary that did not directly respond to the concern.

Numerous legal authorities have questioned the authenticity of Mr. Bragg’s choice to update the misdemeanor to a felony charge. Among them is renowned Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, who competes that Mr. Bragg’s relocation was based upon a problematic legal presumption, as he improperly applied federal laws beyond New York’s legal purview.

Mr. Cohen, a notorious convicted perjuror, is set up to provide testimony today, Monday, May 13. He was the one who made the accusations that triggered the legal case. In particular, the claim of modified company files involves 11 checks that Mr. Cohen collected, along with the associated billings and invoices.