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Comprehending the WHO’s Plans for You

Comprehending the WHO’s Plans for You

January 15, 2024

Many people are unaware that Big Pharma has a villainous incentive to promote disease, as its financial bottom line depends on it. However few comprehend how sophisticated its initiatives.

American podcaster and former teacher of transformative biology Bret Weinstein describes the pharmaceutical industry as an intellectual property noise. Large Pharma licenses particles, compounds and innovations, and afterwards searches for illness versus which their patents can be used
Pharma is participated in a constant effort to portray its intellectual properties as better and safer than they are, and to persuade the clinical facility, journals, medical cultures, healthcare facilities and federal government to route people towards medicines they would not otherwise be taking.

So, when COVID-19 happened, the market was more than prepared to make the most of it
The introduction of the mRNA system modern technology was central to the whole COVID reaction. The modern technology has a lethal imperfection that would certainly avoid it from reaching the marketplace under typical conditions. The COVID pandemic enabled Pharma to bypass this obstacle and deploy this exceptionally rewarding technology

By way of amendments to the International Health Regulations and the pandemic treaty, the World Health Organization seeks to achieve global preeminence and total control of the masses under the role of public wellness

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