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Biden Moves To Grant Amnesty, Hand Out Green Cards To Illegals

Democrats Have Welcomed Nearly 20 Million Illegals In Past 3.5 Years. Expanding Total To More Than 50 Million Illegals
Democrats Welcome 30 Million New Voters To Us In Last 3.5 Year And Still Coiunting.
By John Livingston
March 30, 2024

This is 21st-century asymmetric warfare by an invalid routine

Biden Considering Granting Amnesty, Handing Out Green Cards To Illegal Immigrants:

President Joe Biden is presently thinking about granting amnesty to illegal migrants in a bid to act upon the intensifying migration crisis, according to Leftist Insider Politico.

Biden and his Crime Family are weighing several concepts to take a stricter stance on the southern border crisis and prohibited migration in the middle of criticisms he has actually so far failed to act upon either.

According to three sources knowledgeable about the strategy, the government may start issuing green cards to undocumented immigrants who have actually been residing in the United States for a prolonged period, granting them amnesty

According to Politico, the plan would approve migrants who have actually been in the nation for more than 10 years access to the cancellation of removal program if they have loved ones who would suffer if they were deported. If they meet the cancellation of removal requirements and a migration judge rules in their favor, migrants might then get a green card– a permanent residency grant.

Biden is considering a substantial move to support undocumented immigrants who have been living in the US for a prolonged period. According to three officials who spoke to Politico, this would be a broader effort to assist this group, following in the footsteps of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program developed under the Obama administration in 2012. DACA postponed the deportation of individuals who entered the United States without legal documents as minors.

The people arriving here are more vulnerable to harm compared to us. The origins they come from serve as evidence.

Their free pass ends when we are no longer present.

Given that Biden took workplace, there has actually been a significant boost in drug trafficking and forced sex trafficking, simply to point out a number of examples among many.

Similarly numerous criminal gangs who deal in drugs as well as rape and murder, take, loot and do other abhorrent criminal activities, as the despicable vicious street gangsters known as MS -13, have now rapidly by United States porous borders.

A number of ISIS, al Qaeda jihadists and members other similar jihad fear murder Islamic entities have gone into America through porous United States/ Mexican borders in the scheming intentions of inflecting homicidal damage in Americans and America. The furtherance of the spread of the dreaded coronavirus throughout the USA, starting from the porous border area, all thanks to that unsafe and subversive pseudo-President Biden.

President Biden’s apparent support for open US/Mexican borders is seen as a deliberate attempt to damage America. Some critics think that Biden’s actions are traitorous and despicable.