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Biden Coordinated Attack on Israel. Knew and Advised Mad MUllahs

Obiden Junta Gave &Quot;Go-Ahead&Quot; To Iran'S Attack On Israel
Obiden Junta Gace Billions To Iran To Finace Terror Operations
By John Livingston
April 15, 2024 |

Joe Biden not only had prior knowledge of Iran’s attack on Israel however also technically provided it the green light under certain conditions, according to a report from the Jerusalem Post.According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, Joe Biden was aware in advance of Iran’s attack on Israel and likewise successfully authorized it under particular scenarios.

Iran is a client state of the Obiden Junta, which has permitted Iran to make at least 20 billion from oil and gas exposition exports and released billions more funds frozen by the Trump Administration.

Iran informed Turkey in advance of its scheduled operation against Israel, a Turkish diplomatic source informed Reuters on Sunday, adding that Washington had communicated to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be “within specific limitations.”

Turkey, which has actually denounced Israel for its campaign on Gaza, said previously on Sunday that it did not desire a further escalation of stress in the region.

The Turkish source, speaking on condition of privacy, stated Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had spoken with both his United States and Iranian counterparts in the past week to discuss the prepared Iranian operation, including Ankara had actually been warned of possible advancements.

Earlier today, Secretary of State Antony Blinken communicated with Fidan to highlight that increased tensions in the Middle East would not benefit anybody.

According to the source, Iran provided us prior discover about the approaching events. At the meeting with Blinken, potential outcomes were also gone over, and the United States communicated to Iran through our channel that their reaction ought to stay within specific limits.