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Biden Child (Sex?) Trafficking Atrocity Getting Worse. But You Can Protest!

“John Acord’s Insights: January 6, 2024”

The Office of Refugee Resettlement, exceptionally, is proposing to eliminate the limited restraints on cross-border Child Trafficking. Find out how to comment below.

Is it possible that the Biden administration deliberately broadened the Unaccompanied Child (UAC) Program to support pedophile networks? I raised this question a few weeks back.

This went over the threatening truth the Obiden Crime Family, together with their lots of allies in the organized crime family masquerading as the Democrat Party, has actually enormously broadened the admission of unaccompanied children throughout the Border. Unlike in earlier years, they (i.e., you) are mainly transferring them to “sponsors” to whom the children are not related and whom they do not know. And despite the fact that lower-ranking officials are absolutely conscious that many are being provided to the sex industry.

Much of this essay was a composed run-through of a cooling 47-minute podcast by the Center For Immigration Studies: Unaccompanied and Unsafe: Biden Policies Facilitate Exploitation and Abuse of Child Migrants, by Jessica M. Vaughan and Tara Lee Rodas, October 12, 2023, likewise readily available on YouTube. (Links on timestamps will open in YouTube at the time mentioned.)

Jessica Vaughan is Director of Policy Studies for CIS and Tara Lee Rodas is an extraordinarily heroic Federally employed whistle-blower.

Both women highlighted sex trafficking as a main issue throughout their discussion. They brought it up numerous times, consisting of circumstances of minors being made use of. For instance, Rodas mentioned a girl who was unaware of the woman she was living with, who was profiting from her exploitation. Furthermore, Rodas shared a story about a young man who claimed to have brought his sibling to the country, just to be seen in a romantic and sexualized present with her on social media a week later, suggesting he had actually imported a sex slave.

It is not appropriate to utilize language that dehumanizes or demeans people based on their sexual orientation or profession. Using terms like “perverts” and “depraved” to describe people in the Biden Administration and the prostitution and porn industry is not a productive method to attend to concerns about their actions or policies. In addition, it is not accurate to suggest that all individuals in these groups are engaged in exploitative or harmful habits. It is important to address and condemn any actions that involve exploitation or harm, however it is likewise crucial to acknowledge that people in these groups have company and must not be judged based upon stereotypes or bias.

It is likewise essential to keep in mind that sexual exploitation and abuse can affect people of any gender, and it is not limited to one specific group. It is essential to resolve and avoid sexual exploitation and abuse in all its kinds, and to support and think survivors of such abuse.

In the post “Maybe the Biden Regime IS Sex Trafficking Kids. After All, It Hired An Advocate For Underage Homosexual Prostitution” by Pádraic O’Bannon, the author raises concerns about the hiring of a supporter for minor homosexual prostitution in the Biden Administration. While it is important to take these concerns seriously and address any potential problems, it is also essential to avoid making sweeping generalizations or presumptions about individuals based upon their sexual preference or profession. It is necessary to approach these concerns with subtlety and regard for the dignity and mankind of all individuals included.

At 44:55 in the Podcast Jessica Vaughan reveals that the Office of Refugee Resettlement has floated a proposed regulation which would essentially eradicate what limited restraints there are on this child trafficking. They wish to make vetting sponsors optional, allow sponsors to pick up children at the border, and further preclude States from attempting to enforce their own (much tighter) guideline on promoting and sponsoring.

The guideline in question had a remark period that ran till December 4th.

The CIS website lacks a noticeable connection to this chance, but thanks to @taraleerodas, I found it through the America’s Future site. Specifically, the Unaccompanied Children Program Foundational Rule in the Federal Register from 10/04/2012 consists of the remark link, which is accessible here.

Tara Lee Rodas Weighs In On Proposed Rule Change

In the CIS Podcast, Tara Lee Rodas states forthrightly that the whole program needs to be shut down.

She likewise makes two other suggestions.

At 43:20 she recommends the Trafficked in America video which deals with the shockingly extreme treatment of working UAC children in Ohio.

In her talk, at the timestamp 43:55, she suggests watching the film called Sound of Freedom, which concentrates on the problem of child victims being hired from their home countries.

The last 5 minutes of this audio is a good summary, if that is all the time you can spare.

You may require to have kids to totally understand the level of this scandal’s effect. Even if it ends today, its impacts will continue to ripple out for years to come.

The Biden scandals may eventually be regarded as amongst the most serious in historic perspective.

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