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Americans Buy Record Number of Firearms in 2023

The Obiden Junta (aka the Biden Administration and Obama’s third term) Has Become The Best Ever Forearms Salesman

The current statistics for firearm sales is in, and they show that Americans bought almost 16 million guns in 2023– regardless of Biden’s gun control push.

According to the FBI’s National Criminal Background Check System, 29,854,186 background checks were visited 2023. This beats 2022, which saw 28,904,713 background checks, reported on Thursday.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Americans acquired an approximated 15.8 million guns in 2023, with 1,775,834 million purchases in December alone.

NSSF spokesperson Mark Oliva said that 24 states presently enable gun purchasers to buy extra guns without having to go through another background check, so the actual number of sales is likely higher.

This latest data now brings a trend of over 1 million gun purchases per month to 53 months in a row, reported.

” By the millions for 50 months directly, law-abiding citizens are choosing to their right to keep and bear arms, in spite of the efforts of gun control political leaders to enact laws to chill that right and others that provide unconstitutional edicts that deny that right,” Oliva said in an e-mail to the outlet in September.

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” Lawful firearm possession is really the determining factor of the American character– that we are a people of self-determination and not delegated be victims of those who have no regard for life or law.”

“Americans showed they want their Second Amendment rights by the millions– once again. These are strong figures that reflect the state of mind of Americans and the desire to exercise Second Amendment rights” Oliva said, regarding the most recent information.

The data comes regardless of the Biden-Harris administration utilizing a “‘whole-of-government’ technique” to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding people, Oliva stated.
Oliva was encouraged by the data and expects sales to continue to increase entering into 2024.

“These figures are motivating for the firearm industry entering into 2024. History suggests that background look for the legal sale of firearms typically rise during election years. This market is ready to satisfy the demand for legal firearm ownership in America,” Oliva said, according to Analyzing America.

In 2023 alone, Americans experienced a multitude of brand-new constraints on their Second Amendment rights and requires even more restrictions.

In August, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms escalated it’s efforts to strip weapon dealerships of their federal guns licenses, pulling 122 federal firearms licenses from dealers in Fiscal Year 2023 alone.

The Biden administration also revealed in December that it was taking “executive action” and will begin to deal with states to create legislation that they think states should adopt to further restrict guns.

The Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion Act was likewise presented in the Senate in December, which “addresses the deadly capacity weapons like the one utilized in Lewiston and most of the most dangerous mass shootings across the nation,” The Hill reported.

The bill also looks for to ban publications larger than 10 rounds, ban adjustments such as bump stocks, and ban the production of ghost gun packages.

In spite of the multitude of new limitations, Americans continue to support the Second Amendment, which doesn’t look like it’s changing at any time soon.

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