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Allan Bragg, NYC Prosecutor Wants Gag Order on Trump

Alvin Bragg has actually asked for the judge to impose a gag order on Trump in the Stormy Daniels case, stating that the former President’s intriguing remarks present an instant risk. 

This news was reported by John Livingston on February 26, 2024.

In March 2023, the district attorney got a threatening letter stating, “Alvin, I will end your life,” following the statement of the indictment.

The prosecutor in charge of the hush-money case versus President Trump requested the judge to place a limited restriction on the accused’s ability to speak openly.

In a court filing on Monday, Mr. Bragg composed that “the requirement for such security is compelling.”

Mr. Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsification of New York organization records in an attempt to cover hush-money payments to the porn star Stormy Daniels, who declares she had an extramarital affair with Mr. Trump, which he vehemently denies. Mr. Bragg further implicates Mr. Trump of attempting to hide “destructive information and illegal activity from American voters before and after the 2016 election.”

Mr. Bragg is making use of an ingenious legal approach as he pursues a felony conviction for an offense that would normally be considered a misdemeanor. He contends that the intention to dedicate or conceal a separate offense, including offenses of “state and federal election laws,” raises the charge to a felony, punishable by approximately 4 years in prison, under New York state law.

The Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, has been slammed for providing a plea offer to the perpetrator of an antisemitic attack in New York.

The Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg. 
“Defendant has a long history of revealing and inflammatory remarks about the individuals in numerous judicial proceedings against him, consisting of jurors, witnesses, lawyers, and court staff,” the district attorney’s office argued.

The filing specifies that the comments made, in addition to the predicted reactions from the offender’s supporters and allies, present a major and immediate threat to the smooth running of this legal process and a high probability of triggering harm.

At the prosecutors’ request, Judge Juan Merchan is being asked to provide a gag order on Mr. Trump, limiting him from openly divulging the names of court workers, commenting on prospective witnesses and attorneys, and mentioning relatives of those associated with the case. The district attorneys have not requested that Mr. Trump be silenced regarding Mr. Bragg.

In a separate motion, prosecutors likewise asked the judge to keep the addresses of jurors hidden from Mr. Trump. District attorneys have not, nevertheless, requested an anonymous jury.

An affidavit from a New York Police Department sergeant, Nicholas Pistilli, Mr. Bragg’s head of security, argues that there is a “direct connection in between accused’s public attacks on the District Attorney and dangers on this Office.”

During 2023, the NYPD Threat Assessment and Protection Unit documented 89 circumstances of threats directed towards Mr. Bragg, his family, or staff members of his workplace. The preliminary danger coincided with a social network call by Mr. Trump for his advocates to “demonstration and recover our nation. 

In March of that year, amidst prevalent media coverage of a previous president’s criminal indictment by a grand jury, the authorities were inundated with 600 calls and emails for assessment. A threatening letter sent to the lawyer’s workplace explicitly specified, “Alvin: I intend to end your life.”

The court filing stated that there was a significant increase in the number of threatening, bothering, or offending phone calls and emails, which overwhelmed the private investigators from the DA Office and NYPD investigators appointed to the DA office.

In his motion, the district attorney referred to another case against Mr. Trump, the federal election interference case in Washington D.C., where the previous president was also under gag order for the same reasons: to safeguard court staff, attorneys, and relatives from being threatened by Mr. Trump’s fans.

In this composite image, you can see President Trump, legal representative Michael Cohen, and adult movie star Stormy Daniels in a photograph from May 2018.

This mix of file pictures reveals, from left, President Trump, lawyer Michael Cohen, and adult film starlet Stormy Daniels. AP Photo/File

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit recently upheld constraints on offender’s extrajudicial speech that are basically identical to the ones requested by the People here. This Court needs to give the narrowly tailored protective procedures accordingly looked for here,” the court filing states.

Steven Cheung, the project spokesman for Mr. Trump, notified ABC News that the gag order would break President Trump’s First Amendment rights by limiting his ability to protect himself and preventing Americans from speaking with him.

In the recent civil fraud case in New York, Mr. Trump’s lawyers argued for his right to freedom of speech when they challenged the gag order imposed on him during the trial.

Mr. Trump had mocked the judge’s principal law clerk, Allison Greenfield, calling her, without proof, Senator Schumer’s “girlfriend.” The administering judge, Arthur Engoron, enforced a gag order on Mr. Trump, to stop the former president from publicly shaming his personnel. Mr. Trump was fined two times with an overall amount of $15,000 for breaking that order.

President Trump’s civil fraud trial is being presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, who is joined on the bench by his primary clerk, Allison Greenfield. Regardless of their best shots, the President and his legal team have leveled allegations of predisposition and improper intervention against Ms. Greenfield.

After the defense lawyer suggested that Ms. Greenfield was inappropriately affecting the judge through her behavior, consisting of passing notes, eye-rolling, and whispering, the judge expanded the gag order to apply to the lawyers also. It was reported that Ms. Greenfield had been receiving a high volume of death hazards and anti-Semitic telephone calls on her cellular phone, triggering concerns for her safety.

The defense’s demand to challenge the gag order was turned down. However, they are identified to present their case regarding the alleged First Amendment infringement to the highest state court, the Court of Appeals. On a positive note, Ms. Greenfield received promising news after the trial concluded. A screening committee assessed her as “highly qualified” for a potential judgeship, marking a significant step towards her own judicial career.

In another motion, also filed on Monday, the district attorney requested that the judge reject evidence questioning the credibility of Mr. Trump’s nemesis, and former lawyer, Michael Cohen. The troubled witness is accused of having committed perjury when he testified during the civil fraud trial in November.

Mr. Bragg’s trial, the first criminal trial against a former U.S. president in history, is scheduled to begin with jury selection on March 25 at the Supreme Court, Criminal Term in lower Manhattan.