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Alina Habba Is Speaking for Trump.

Alina Habba Is Speaking For Trump
Alina Habba Is Speaking For Trump
Alina Habba asserts that legal actions in criminal and civil courts are being utilized against Trump as a method to silence him and hurt his campaign as they are unable to defeat him in the surveys.

By John Livingston
April 22, 2024

Attorney Alina Habba, representing previous President Donald Trump, alleges that Democrats are taking legal action against the GOP’s presidential candidate as a means of political sabotage, as they fear they can not beat him at the ballot box.

“The truth that we have two courts, not one– criminal and civil– being utilized versus one guy since they can not beat him in the polls is a disgrace to the American judicial system,” she said in remarks at the New York State Supreme Court Building in Manhattan after opening arguments in the hush money case.

“You ought not to have two groups of attorneys here today. You need not even to be here today because he did not do anything wrong. It is the epitome of a witch hunt,” she informed press reporters.
Habba specified that she had just recently left another courtroom where Trump dealt with accusations of inflating his asset values to protect favorable loans, which he has actually since paid back.

At first, he was required to publish a $454 million bond for his appeal, however a greater court later reduced it to $175 million. New York Judge Arthur Engoron gave approval for this bond on Monday, which will hinder the attempts of New York Attorney General Letitia to confiscate his properties while the appeal is ongoing.

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Habba criticized Engoron for doing not have comprehension of “basic principles of funding” and said he and James “had no idea what they were talking about.”
She labeled the hush money case– in which Bragg implicates Trump of falsifying service records– a “joke” and “an affront” to the judicial system.

“I discover it tiring to constantly address the media about this issue, but it is needed for you all to understand the scenario. It is concerning that particular people are hesitant to include an accounting measure for ‘legal counsel,’ most likely due to worries associated with the year 2024. Nevertheless, they need to be concerned since the American public is not naive and understands the current scenarios,” she mentioned.