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Part 1: Woke, Communists, financed By Woke Commie Elites Out to Destroy MAGA

A thick web of liberal groups, financed and orchestrated by a Clinton-endorsed company, is spearheading efforts to prevent Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the presidency in 2024, from being listed on the ballot, according to details gotten by Breitbart News.

But it’s much broader than that: For years, this network of leftists grew from an effective huge left-wing conspiracy unmasked a years earlier into now being the controling force on the left determined to stop Trump at all expenses. What’s more, these leftists plainly manage what top Democrats are stating, requiring their leaders to embrace their story. They even frequently freely brag about controlling what the sitting President of the United States states, taking credit for Democrat President Joe Biden’s dark reelection campaign messaging, where Biden has warned of “MAGA extremists” on the rise.

Research study put together by Northeast Florida-based conservative grassroots activist Jessico Bowman reveals the complex links between these groups and simply how advanced their operations take place to be. Bowman, the secretary of the libertarian-leaning Republican Liberty Caucus, was so alarmed by what she found, she provided this research study to Breitbart News exclusively ahead of its public release. The first installation of this larger examination into these well-funded and extremely arranged leftist groups is here in this story. Bowman’s research discovered that these leftist organizations began their work to crush Trump back in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, when Trump shocked everybody by defeating Clinton, and the network of radicals has because spiraled into managing the top levers of the Democrat Party in a desperate bid to stop Trump.

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“Following the most extensive upset in 2016 which shifted the political matrix to America First MAGA populism, a war was declared in the shadows by the radical left,” Bowman informed Breitbart News. “A well-oiled democracy alliance of political activist networks comprised of a collective of left wing and anti-Trump organizations, even charitable non-profits, managed by Indivisible– formed mimicking the Tea Party’s grassroots coalition structure. Battle-ready to funnel money and resources to fight using the power of their combined influence to defeat MAGA.”

The level of influence and control that this leftist network has over elected officials is essentially unprecedented in world history. Everyone from the sitting president of the United States to top law enforcement officials at the federal, state, and local level to leading Democrats in Congress and in states around the country are using these leftists’ playbook and talking points, following them close to verbatim. Nothing remotely like it exists on the right in U.S. politics, and never before has there been such a sophisticated leftist structure in control of at least half of American discourse in a presidential election year. Even stories in recent years about leftist organizations like the Democracy Alliance– exposed a decade ago when various documents made public showed the vast intricate connections between left-wing groups– do not compare to the intricacy of the organization level in play now on the American left.

Indivisible, as mentioned by Bowman, is the leading organization within this left-leaning network. On their website, Indivisible traces its beginnings to the resistance against President Trump in his initial term and aims to unite leftists across the country with a wider agenda of advancing leftist policies in all areas.

“Indivisible started as the Indivisible Guide, a Google Doc guide to organizing locally to pressure your elected officials to resist Trump’s agenda,” the Who We Are section of Indivisible’s website explains. “It caught fire as millions of people picked up the guide and its name– Indivisible– and organized their own local Indivisible groups to put the guide into action. These new Indivisible activists formed a nationwide movement of people taking matters into their own hands to build their own power through collective action.”