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500,000 Military Age Chinese Males Infiltrate US Borders. No Vetting

Chinese Invaders Cross Border Biden Refuses To Verufy
Chinese Invaders Cross Border Biden Refuses To Verufy
A significant boost in the number of Chinese people illegally going into the United States, especially males of military age, has been observed under the current administration. Border Patrol has actually reported over 140,000 cases considering that fiscal year 2021, but the real number could be much greater, estimated between 250,000 and 500,000. This increase postures a serious national security danger, as evidenced by a current event revealed by El Centro Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gregory Bovino, where a Chinese nationwide penetrated a Marine Corps base near the border. Examinations are continuous to figure out the person’s intentions and intentions, as he was verified to be in the nation unlawfully.

The variety of Chinese nationals getting in the United States without appropriate documents has increased significantly over the last few years, with 23,471 cases in fiscal year 2021, 27,756 in 2022, and 53,700 in 2023. This upward trend continues in 2024, with 36,912 apprehensions reported through February. The popular social media platform TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese company, has been used by some individuals to share details and instructions on how to illegally enter the United States. In spite of possible security concerns, the present administration unwinded the vetting process for Chinese migrants in April 2023.