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40 Million Illegals Here to Take Your Money and Replace You

The Impostor-In-Chief Planning His 2Nd Term And A Permanent Rule By His Crime Family
Brussels, Belgium. 24Th March 2022. Joe Biden, President Of United States Of America, During Press Conference After Nato Extraordinary Summit 2022.

Or, if you ‘d like a more concise variation:

” Biden’s 81 Million Vote Strategy”

Americans were consistently told that this was a conspiracy theory or we are all racists. The people coming in are all refugees or asylum applicants, and they are our “New Americans.” We must look after them.

There exists a significantly higher variety of unauthorized immigrants than the approximated figures of 11 million or 22 million proposed by Yale and MIT. Among them are individuals involved in terrorism, and criminal activities, and those who are economically irresponsible. The Trus number as estimated by the professionals at the Center for Immigration Studies is the number of 40 million when you include their children. The estimated cost considering all factors including lower wages for millions of Americans is as much as $100,000 per year. The cost of educating their children can run to as much as $50,000 a year considering the special needs for language and behavioral instruction. This means that the illegal population of the US is costing our economy as much as $4 Trillion a year in direct costs and lost opportunity costs for American citizens. That works out to more than $12,000 a year for every American family. Illegal immigration is devastating our economy as well as our safety and social cohesiveness. 


In 2014, a peer-reviewed short article by Jesse T. Richman and Gushan A. Chattha of Old Dominion University and David C. Earnest of George Mason University approximated that about 25 percent of non-citizens were registered to enact 2008 and 2010. Moreover, they suggest that as many as 2.8 million of them voted.

The short article was released in the online version of Electoral Studies on September 21– about five weeks before Election Day. They were immediately demonized.

Richman and Earnest composed a lengthy action to their critics in the Washington Post:
One line of criticism focuses on the danger of misrepresentation, response mistakes, or click-through on the survey– the opportunity that people might err when they report that they are non-citizens, signed up to vote, or a citizens in U.S. elections.

In response to possible concerns about the representativeness of the CCES subsample, our article consists of an appendix that examines the accuracy of self-reported data from non-citizens in the US. In his thoughtful review, Michael Tesler utilized the 2010-2012 panel CCES study to calculate test-rest reliability procedures for the non-citizen ballot reaction, further supporting the credibility of our findings.

Tesler’s reliability test revealed that approximately 81% who claimed to be non-citizens in 2012 likewise reported the exact same status in 2010. This highlights a group that can be considered extremely likely to be non-citizens. It is improbable that all 85 participants who regularly identified as non-citizens in both years were residents, as it would require a constant error in reporting. This suggests a prospective problem with the CCES tool, calling into question the precision of other measurements from the same source, or indicating that the majority, if not all, of these respondents genuinely intended to report themselves as non-citizens.

These “consistent” non-citizens give us a special sample that can evaluate the dependability of the data. If, as some have suggested, responses by self-reported non-citizens that they voted are the result of citizens mistakenly claiming to be non-citizens, we need to see nearly no self-reported votes by consistent non-citizens, or that they vote at a lower level than the general sample of self-reported non-citizens. Nevertheless, 10 of the 85 constant non-citizens indicated that “I certainly voted in the General Election” in 2012: a turnout rate of 11.7 percent. Certainly, this rate is on par with the highest point estimates reported in our short article, supplying support for our finding that some non-citizens report enacting U.S. elections.

Non-citizen citizens have rewards to misrepresent either their citizenship status or their ballot status …

81 million votes were obtained through illegal aliens who are anticipated to vote exposed that one in 5 individuals admitted to unfaithful in the 2020 election due to lax voting procedures such as mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and vote purchasing. Illegal immigrants have driver’s licenses, image IDs, and support from election monitors who turn a blind eye to their activities.

Democrats focus on preserving power over the quality of their voter base, revealing a willingness to neglect connections with individuals who might be considered unpleasant to avoid compromising on their policies.

They are voting.